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Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999
'Vegetarianism is the Way'
an unforgettable visual, cultural and gastronomic experience

Namaskar friends,

I'm wondering whether any of you would like to take a few hints from the following press release which we sent out to all the media. It was broadcast on most of the radio stations. Giving the local touch to the AP report makes a lot of difference.


To: All Media


A five-person delegation from the Vegetarian Society of Malta arrived from Chiang Mai, Thailand, after taking part in the 33rd World Vegetarian Congress. It was the first time that Malta was represented since the setting-up of the Maltese society 6 years ago.

Margaret Grech, spokesperson for the Maltese society, said that the information and experience gained in the conference is enormous. It is clear that Malta is keeping step with progress elsewhere in the world with regards to the promotion of a healthy, cruelty free and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The results achieved by the Malta Vegetarian Society so far are considered remarkable by the global vegetarian community, and for this reason our delegation was delegated the task of conducting a workshop with the topic: Small is Beautiful - Starting and Developing a Vegetarian Group.

"We came home with so much confidence. The contacts we made in Chiang Mai will provide unlimited proof that a vegetarian, even strictly vegan, diet is not only enough to survive but provides all the nutritional requirements a person needs to live a normal healthy life, without any of the risks associated with eating habits. It was a real pleasure to meet a number of outstanding personalities in the vegetarian world, like for example Dr Ruth Heidrich, a strict vegan, who at age 63 is still a champion triathlete, with 600 medals to her name, as well as Arne Winqwist, an 80-year old raw fooder, who last year went on a 1,500 km cycling tour from Switzerland to Sweden, as well as various distinguished scientists and long-time vegetarian activists.

A good number of overseas delegates showed interest and enthusiasm when it was announced that a Mediterranean Vegetarian Festival is planned to take place in Malta between the 1st and 4th October, 1999. It is expected that about a 100 vegetarians from around the Mediterranean will attend.

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