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Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999
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Dr. Kinjel Suratwala

Exercise, Top Sport & Vegetarianism - on Friday, January 8th 1999

We are living in the ' Golden Age of Sport ', an era when Competitiveness & Professionalism put high demands on the Athlete. In order to succeed consistently, the modern day Sportsman needs to stay at Peak Fitness throughout the year.

This involves carrying out a rigorous but scientifically planned exercise program prepared to suit the individuals personal needs & goals. Primarily it depends on the Biomechanical requirements of the sport played and the physiological and functional capacity of the sportsmen.

Over and above this, today's athlete has learned the importance of good Nutrition in enhancing his or her performance. A diet high in complex carbohydrates, but low in fat ( with adequate protein & other nutrients ) seems to be accepted as a good diet for maximum efficiency.

A well balanced Vegetarian Meal satisfies these necessities adequately. A large number of Sportsmen all over the World are opting for a Vegetarian diet. This includes Tennis greats like Martina Navratilova & Ivan Lendl, Athletes Carl Lewis & Edwin Moses and Cricketer Greg Chappell. Both of India's pace bowlers Javagal Shrinath & Venkatesh Prasad have been Vegetarians from childhood, thus disproving the Myth that only Meat eaters can develop Muscle, Strength & Power.

Besides the benefits in Sport, the Vegetarian athlete also enjoys a Healthier Post - Retirement life as meat has been implicated in many a degenerating diseases like Ischaemic Heart disease, many Cancers ( especially of the Colon ), Gout, Obesity etc.

It is incorrect to believe that a Vegetarian cannot acquire strength, speed and stamina. The Largest land Animal - Elephant, Tallest Animal - Giraffe, Fastest Animal -- Gazelle besides others like the Horse, the Rhinoceros and the Mighty Gorilla are all Herbivorous.

Dr. Kinjel Suratwala's Bio - Data :

  1. Medical Graduate : Bombay University
  2. Certificate Courses : a. Sports Science & Nutrition; b. Yoga ; c. Cricket Coaching
  3. Currently Associated with : a. Gopikrishna Piramal Memorial Hospital's Sports Science Centre ; b. Mumbai Cricket Association ; c. Elf - Vengsarkar Cricket Academy -- as Sports Physician
  4. Visiting Lecturer in Sports Science for : a. Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Science & Nutrition, SNDT University ; b. L M - The Fitness Academy
  5. Panel Doctor -- The Adivasis Unnati Mandal ( providing health care services to the local Tribals )
  6. Member of the Managing Council -- The Vegetarian Society, Reverence for Life