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Congress Logo 33rd World Vegetarian Congress
Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999
'Vegetarianism is the Way'
an unforgettable visual, cultural and gastronomic experience

The Programme and Abstracts
This section is based on the printed booklet which was handed out to all Congress attendees as the arrived.

Vegetarian... the way of life
Vegetarian is the way of life
All beings are threading their style
Through the light of birth and death
Vegetables are prime food of mother nature
Come on to enjoy the grains
Come on to savour the green
They'll heal you from illnesses
They'll stop you from aging
Live the way the nature blesses
Let your soul be cleansed of sin
Fill in your heart with kindness
Vegetarians are living longer
Vegetables lead the way of life
A life full of merits and charity
Purely free from disasters and pain
Hail you all with happiness and joy

Author: Santi Lunpe

Editorial Board:
Dr.Maitree Suttajit
Kanokwan Ukosakij
Busyamas Chewaskulyong
William S. Lee
Chatranaronk Rattanawongsa

Programme: Every morning, Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th January 1999, four early morning sessions 6.00-7.00: Bodyworks led by Ms.Gerry Coffey; Raja Yoga meditation led by Rachel Flower; Tai Chi led by Mr. Weerachai Pitaganon; Tantra Yoga by Anandamarga Group

Speakers and Abstracts:

  • Amu Akaike - Sundo Breathing Meditation
  • Shilabhadranada Avadhuta - Yoga Exercise for Health and Meditation
  • Katharina Bless - Color and Sound Therapy
  • Chamlong Disayavanish - Insight Meditation
  • Saengduan Chailert "Lek" - Slide Show about Rescued Elephants
  • Mantak Chia - Vegetarianism and the Universal Force (lecture) / Universal Energy in Vegetarianism (workshop)
  • Damrong Chiewsilp - Vegetarianism in Aids
  • Teeranard Chokewatana - The Animal Rights Movement in Thailand
  • Shek Dhanasiri - How to Live to be a Centenarian
  • Goenpo Dorji - Tofu Making
  • Floyd W.Dunn - Phytochemicals and Wellness
  • Rachel Flower - Raja Yoga Meditation
  • Tina Fox - Marketing the Message
  • Robert Fraser - Vegetarianism in Australia
  • Dudley Giehl - Vegetarianism and the Globa Food and Environment Crisis / Internation Networking for Vegetarianism and Animals
  • Carmel Goldwater - the GUZZLE factor as a Guide to the (Still) Perplexed
  • Malieh Jafari - Natural Hygiene
  • Pushpendra K. Jain - Vegetarianism and the Global Food and Environmental Crisis
  • Banchob Junnasavasdikul - Fasting for Health
  • Julia Jus - Chi Kung Taoist Meditation
  • Mitsuru Kakimoto - Vegetarianism and Vegetarians in Japan
  • Dada Kamaleshvahananda - Ayurvedic Health: Yogic Treatment and Natural Remedies
  • Chitra Kawnanthakiert - Vegetarian Chinese Style
  • General Saiyud Kerdphol - The Vegetarian Movement in Thailand
  • Hyunmoon Kim - Sum Do : Mountain Taoist Breathing Meditation
  • Kinjel Suratwala - Exercise, Top Sport and Vegetarianism
  • Maxwell G. Lee - Vegetarianism: The Answer to the Worlds Problems
  • Robert I. Lin - Nutritional Requirements for Vegetarians
  • Peter McQueen - 34th World Vegetarian Congress 2000
  • Nimit Morakote - Parasites acquired from meat
  • Claude Pasquini - Vegetarianism and the Global Food and Environment Crisis
  • Sudhisak Pawaradhisan - The Practical Experience of Using Chinese Herbs and Nutrition in Thailand
  • Pongsiri Prathnadi - Vegetarianism and Disease Prevention: Coronary Heart Disease and Vegetarian Diet
  • Soraida Salwala - The Thai Elephant Hospital
  • Nithat Sirichotiratana - Vegetarian Food, the way to Prevent Cancer
  • Pennapa Subcharoen - Thai Traditional Herbal Medicine
  • Leticia Smithapindhu - Herbal tea
  • Maitree Suttajit - Antioxidants and Health
  • Siriwan Suttajit - Fresh Fruit Juices and their Benefits for Health
  • Knosrow Taheri - Vegetarianism : an Economic, Social and Ecologial Necessity
  • Pichai Tovivich - Development of Vegetarian Ahimsa Dharma in Thailand
  • Paul Turner - Food for Life Global
  • Marianne Willemse - Interspecies Communication
  • Arne Wingquist - Fasting According to te Principles of the Natural Hygeine System
  • Chaiyong Rujivanawate - Flower Recipes