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Congress Logo 33rd World Vegetarian Congress
Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999
'Vegetarianism is the Way'
an unforgettable visual, cultural and gastronomic experience

HI, everyone! I am following John's instructions and saying a warm welcome to all the people I look forward to meeting in Thailand in January.

There is quite a strong contingent now coming from VegSoc UK, including at least three trustees. For some it will be the first time and I think they are in for a real treat. It is my first Congress and my first visit to Chiang Mai though I have already visited the city of angels, Bangkok and was very impressed.

As well as my "official "duties as speaker and making a bid for the UK congress, I may also be doing a circle dance workshop. circle dance is dancing from all different cultures, some old, some new, in order to promote harmony. I will probably focus on the more celtic ones as they tend to be the easiest to learn if you are not used to it . so don't forget you dancing feet!

See you there,
Tina Fox