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Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999
'Vegetarianism is the Way'
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Hello All,

I am Marly Winckler, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am 43 years old, studied Architecture (which I didn't finish) and graduated in Sociology and Translation. Now I work as a freelance translator from English into Portuguese. Unfortunately, just a few of the books I have translated are about vegetarianism, but I have already translated two: Becoming Vegetarian by Melina Vesanto and Vegetarianism and Occultism by Annie Besant.

I became a vegetarian about 20 years ago mainly for ethical and spiritual reasons. I had a boyfriend at that time who was vegetarian, and he introduced me to the subject. I immediately gave up meat (all kinds) and never put any in my mouth again. For me it was not difficult at all. More difficult was giving up cigarette.

In 1992 I wrote a booklet on vegetarianism, "Elements to a Conversation on Vegetarianism." I did this mostly because people always ask why you are a vegetarian. And they usually ask that during a meal. So, to avoid discussing this spiny subject when the person is eating meat and the time is short (in ten minutes one cannot give all the good reasons for becoming a vegetarian) I wrote the booklet, which I give to them saying "read about my reasons to become a vegetarian, and after that we can talk." This worked very well, and thanks to that I personally know many people who became vegetarians, and from time to time a friend of mine or just a acquaintance tells me that he/she knows someone who became a vegetarian after reading my little book. That was a very nice reward.

Now I maintain a Home Page on vegetarianism at:

as a form of promoting it in Brazil. I should like to do more, but there are only 24 hours in a day, so....

I have previously been to the Congress in Holland and to the Vegan Festival in San Diego. Now I am going to stay for some time in India before going to Thailand. In Thailand I intend to stay till the end of the month after the Congress, traveling and getting to know the country. Also, if it is possible, I should like to do a course on vegetarian Thai cuisine.

So, see you all there.

Marly Winckler