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Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999
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Having kicked off this intro thing again I thought I should throw in a bit about me...

I was born in Portsmouth - or what was left of if it - on the south coast of England just after WWII. I'm still here.

My original training, in the 1960s was in electronic communications with the Ministry of Defence - radio, radar, telephones and even some early computers, but I was really more interested in playing the guitar and helping to run a local youth club.

I spent the 1970s teaching classical guitar in schools, colleges and the local university; published a book on how to play the guitar; helped set up an Arts Centre with drama, visual arts etc as well as music; was musical director for a youth theatre group; played in concerts and electric bass in jazz bands, theatre bands etc. Most of my spare time was spent in sailing on the Solent - easily the best place in the world for that, and did a lot of travelling around Europe and North America.

By the early 80s I had a family and returned to my youth work interests, specifically with juvenile offenders which I've been doing ever since. For the last few years I've been the Court Officer for our agency, spending most of my time in the law courts arguing with lawyers - and usually winning :-)

I started dabbling with vegetarianism in the early 70s, but the whole family made the switch more seriously in the mid 80s. In the early 90s we ran a veggie guesthouse for three years and organised a local veg group. Then the internet came along, and most of you know the rest...


If you really want more, and an awful picture, go to:

[ an update in 2003: Since the above was written I took early retirement from the juvenile offender work and moved to rural Shropshire. I've now returned to teaching guitar part time as well as maintaining the IVU website. I'm on the committee of the local wildlife trust and run a website with mostly my own wildlife photography at, and I do a lot of veganic gardening and walking in the local countryside. I'm currently researching a book on the history of IVU in time for the centenary in 2008 - see for everything collected so far. ]