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Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999
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[Dennis Bayomi]
Dennis Bayomi at the '95 Vegan Festival
I'm president and founder of the Winnipeg Vegetarian Association in Winnipeg and have been vegetarian for ethical reasons for just over 7 years, vegan for the last five. I started the WVA on World Vegetarian Day in 1993 when I realized that not knowing any vegetarians could be solved by forming an organization. Today we have close to 200 members in a city of 600,000.

Before starting the WVA, I attended my first vegetarian convention in Portland, Oregon and have since attended conventions every summer, enjoying the company of fellow vegetarian activists. Last year I joined the council of the Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA).

I've recently made a big career change, leaving the University of Manitoba medical school where I was a computer analyst for the last fifteen years and am now taking a couple of graduate courses in biostatistics and epidemiology, with the possibility of entering a part- time master's program next fall. I'm also starting my own company developing software and web tools.

As this is the year I'll be turning 40, I've decided to make this trip a rather substantial one, extending my travels until almost the end of March. I'll be spending an additional week in Thailand, then 3 weeks in southern India (Madras (Chennai) - Bangalore - Kerala - Bombay (Mumbai) - Madras), 3 weeks in Australia (southeast, Sydney, Melbourne and vicinity) and 3 weeks in New Zealand (south and north islands).

I'd be especially interested in connecting with other vegetarian activists in India, Australia and New Zealand after the congress. Any suggestions on places to visit would be greatly appreciated.

See you at the congress !

Dennis Bayomi, President
Winnipeg Vegetarian Association