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Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999
'Vegetarianism is the Way'
an unforgettable visual, cultural and gastronomic experience


Time to introduce myself as well. My name Dar (short for Darlene) Veverka and I'm with The Vegetarian Resource Group in Baltimore, Maryland, US. This trip to Thailand will only be my second trip out of the country and I'm very excited to go! I'm looking forward to seeing what other groups in other countries are doing in relation to vegetarianism.

Officially, I'm the Catalog Manager here at VRG. I do all the book orders and the book distribution as well as answer incoming questions, all the email, our feedback boards on our website, and miscellaneous other things. Everyone at VRG tends to have one or two main areas they do and a hundred miscellaneous tasks to cover.

I've been vegetarian for ten years and vegan for a little over seven. I became vegetarian for ethical reasons, and I was the only vegetarian in my family until recently. My mother has become vegetarian this past year for health and some ethical reasons. I've worked and/or volunteered at animal sanctuaries since I was 19. I spend most of my weekends at a sancutary for pot-bellied pigs in West Virginia cleaning barns and fields. Despite the hard work, it's quite peaceful working with the animals. My human family is scattered around the US, and I have a family of one dog, four cats and one house rabbit here in Baltimore.

My background is varied- I have two undergraduate degrees and I was working on a graduate degree in conflict resolution when I dropped out to joined a women's collective vegan bakery instead. The bakery eventually closed and I ended up here in Baltimore after detouring through West Virigina. In between I've done various things including a stint in Sweden as a research assistant at a peace institute (my only other trip out of the US).

Also- I'm flying air courier to the congress. If anyone else going to the congress has flown air courier and has any tips for me, I be happy to hear them.


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