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Congress Logo 33rd World Vegetarian Congress
Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999
'Vegetarianism is the Way'
an unforgettable visual, cultural and gastronomic experience

Well, as I promised I'll tell you more about myself. I was born in the south of Argentina in a very small town called Puerto San Julian -close to the Falkland Islands- and at the age of fifteen I moved to this huge city of Buenos Aires. I'm 25 but I'll turn 26 this coming 25th of octuber.

During 1996 I had a big problem with my weight so after reading a lot I decided to become partially vegetarian. I really like it so, after a while, working gradually I became a vegetarian. It's a little bit hard in a country like Argentina because the diet here is based on red meat. For those who doesn't know: Argentina is one of the more important exporting countries of red meat. Red meat exports represent almost the 60% of the total export activity. Isn't easy when you have to deal with the unconvinced social and family members.

I work in the administration section of clinic and I'm finishing my studies on Administration and Internacional Business. I hope to get my diploma before the congress. At the clinic we tried to give to the pacients a natural basic diet working along with some alternative and natural therapies. I do have knowledge of alternative therapies as Magnified Healing.

Other interests are singing -as I said before- I really like jazz and soul music; writing -I'm writing about the way to became a vegetarian-; reading about things related to the begetarian lifestyle and bicycle. Well, I'm really new about vegetarism -reading other profiles I feel very small- but what concern me more is that I truly want to help others in my country to discover the natural world that is just there for us. Unfortunally we don't have a very well organized institution of vegetarism to be hold by.

The congress it's a wonderfull opportunity to visit Thailand. It couldn't be a better chance-besides it's culture- for someone that is very far away like us.

As Shanti said: and extra days to know better Thailand are in my plans so advises and tips are welcome.

I hope to have the chance to learn more about this lifestyle during the congress and I'm looking foward to meeting you all in Chiang Mai.

Best wishes