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Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 4 - 10, 1999
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Minutes of the General Meeting

[NOTE: these are provisional minutes, subject to approval by the General Meeting in Toronto, July 2000]



A meeting of representatives of member societies of the International Vegetarian Union was held at 2pm on Wednesday 6th Jan.1999 at the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

1. President's welcome
In the absence of the President Mr Howard Lyman, the Acting President, Mr Maxwell Lee, took the chair. He mentioned about the growth and progress vegetarianism had made worldwide and the role played by IVU.

2. Meeting procedures
The voting procedure was explained by Mr M.Lee.

3. Apologies for absence
Apologies for absence were received from Mr Howard Lyman, Prof.Marcel Hebbelinck,, Ms Sigrid De Leo, Mrs Hildegund Scholvien, Mr Saurabh Dalal, Dr M.Kakimoto, and Mr Brian Gunn-King.

4.Minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting of member societies held during the WVC, Johnstown Campus, University of Pittsburgh USA, between 29th July - 4th August 1996, were circulated, approved and signed as a correct account of the meeting. The list of member societies which had paid their annual subscriptions was read out. The representative of "Vegetarier Bund Deutshlands" offered to pay the annual subscription and, as this was so late, the matter was put to the vote, and it was agreed to accept their subscription so making thm eligible to vote. It was emphasised that this should not be seen as a precedent.

5. Matters arising from the minutes.
There were no matters arising out of the minutes.

6. Hon.Gen Secretary's Report
Mr Francisco Martin, Hon.Gen.Secretary reported his own activities since the last congress. He thanked the various individuals who had contributed to the fuctioning of IVU and the activities performed by him since the last meeting.

7. Hon.Treasurer's report and accounts
It was resolved that the Hon.Treasurer's report be accepted subject to audit. It was proposed by Mr Jashu Shah and seconded by Mr Raman. The resolution was carried nem-com. Representatives of the Indian Vegetarian Congress and Beauty Without Cruelty stated that they had not received receipts towards payments made for subscriptions. It was agreed to settle the matter between Ms Diana Ratnagar, (BWC), Mr Jashu Shah (Regional Secretary) and Mr Francisco Martin (Hon Gen Sec).

8. Membership report
The problem of late subscriptions to IVU by member societies was discussed. It was suggested that during the next amendment to the constitution suitable provisions be made to ensure that subscriptions be paid before a certain date.

9. Elections
a) President
As there were two candidates for the post of President and Deputy President the following were appointed scrutineers for secret elections. Mr Paul Turner, Mr Francisco Martin, Mr Jashu Shah and Mr Hiren Kara.
Mr Maxwell Lee and Mr Kevin Pickard contested for election. Mr Maxwell Lee was elected President by a large majority.

b) Deputy President
Candidates contesting were Mr Francisco Martin, and Mr Kevin Pickard.
The following were appointed scrutineers Mr Paul Turner, Dr Hussain, Mr Jahsu Shah and Mr Hiren Kara. Mr Kevin Pickard was elected Deputy President.

c) Members of the International Council
The following elected as members of the International Council
1. Katharina Bless
2. Mr Paul Turner
3. Dr.M.Kakimoto
4. Mr Simon Chau
5. Mr John Davis
6. Mr Hiren Kara
7. Ms Tina Fox
8. Mr Francisco Martin

10. Report from Regional Secretaries
The reports of the Regional Secretaries of 1) India & the Far East and 2) Africa were read.

11. Manker Foundation and Trophy
The history of the Manker Trophy were given

12. Patrons fund
Individuals were encouraged to become Life Members of the IVU anbd contribute to the Patrons Fund.

13.Mehta Fund
The acting President ecplained the purpose of the Mehta Fund and how the income could be used.

14. IVU and the Internet
the increased use and spread of the Internet for promoting vegetarianism was noted, and Mr John Davis, IVU webmaster was thanked for all his efforts in making this method of communication a success, with 80,000 hits a month and the possibility of paying IVU dues via the Internet.

15. The future role of IVU
Dr.Raman (Indian Vegetarian Congress) spoke about the problems of genetically modified seeds and suggested IVU should oppose such practices.

16. IVU News letter
Mr Francisco Martin requested that a team be formed to issue the magazine, as it was difficult for him to do it on his own. Mr Paul Turner offered to help.

17. Resolutions
Since the resolutions had not been circulated by the date required by the constitution, the could not be considered.

Professor Marcel Hebbelink's report was read by Mr Francisco Martin.

19. IVU Membership
Various suggestions were made for encouraging new members and for keeping existing ones.

20. Fund Raising
Ideas were produced for the encouragement of donations to IVU. The importance of having audited accounts to present to prospective donors was emphasised. It was agreed IVU should seek funding from wealthy vegetarians.

21. The constitution
As the constitution was to be amended in the future there was no further discussion on the subject.

22. Reports from member societies
The member societies were requested to send a copy of their report to the Hon.gen Secretary

23. Any other business
Announcements concerning facilities available for delegates were announced.

The meeting then terminated with a vote of thanks to the chair.