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Expanding IVU Regions

In 1971 IVU adopted a new Constitution, which is lost but appears to have introduced the idea of the whole world being divided into regions. The records between 1971-75 a missing so the exact sequence of events is unclear, but the new Regional Secretaries were in palce by 1975.

These are extracts from the minutes, agendas and other surviving documents, of World Congresses between 1975 - when the Regions are first mentioned - to 1979. Comments in [square brackets] have been added, everything else is original.

1975 [from the agenda]

Hon.Secretaries (not for election):
Hon.General Secretary - I.V.U. (H.Q.) - Mr.B.J.Gunn-King (N.Ireland)
Hon.Reg.Secretary for Latin America - Lic G.Alberti V.(Venezuela) [later changed to Dr.Becerra Limas (Mexico)]
Hon.Reg.Sec. for India & The East:- Mr.J.N.Mankar (Bombay-India)
Hon.Reg.Secretary for N.America:- Mr.Brian Graff (New Jersey-U.S.A.)
Hon.Gen.Sec. for Africa:- Mr.E.P.Morkel (Cape Town-S.Africa)
Hon.Reg.Secretary for Australasia:- Mr.B.Standish - (Melbourne-Australia)
Hon.Corr.Sec for the Americas:- Dr.J.M.Gehman (Duncannon, Pennsylvania) [later deleted in favour of the reg secs for North and Latin America]
Hon.Reg.Sec for Europe: Mr.C.D.Fettes (Dublin,Eire) [later replaced with Mrs.I.James (England)]
Hon.Corr.Sec. for the Middle East: Mr.P.L.Pick (England)

from The Vegetarian (VSUK) October 1975:

. . . Isabel James, VSUK Deputy Chairman, is newly elected secretary for the IVU European Region; . . . Isabel has exciting plans for the European Region, hopes to strengthen the ties, and arrange a Regional Congress during alternate years.

1977 [from the agenda]

Hon.Secretaries (not for re-election):
Hon.General Secretary - I.V.U. (H.Q.) - Mr.B.J.Gunn-King (Ireland)
Hon.Reg.Secretary for Latin America - Dr.Becerra Limas (Mexico)
Hon.Reg.Sec. for India & The East:- S.M.Mehta & Dr Bhamgara (India)
Hon.Reg.Secretary for N.America:- Mr.Brian Graff (New Jersey-U.S.A.)
Hon.Gen.Sec. for Africa:- Mr.E.P.Morkel (Cape town-S.Africa)

[from the General Secretary's report]:

The North American Region had a Congress from 7th-15th August 1976 at Ithaca College, New York State and a second from 26th July-30th, 1977 at ARCATA, California - both well attended.

In the Latin American Region the 3rd Congress was held at Santiago, Chile from 5th-11th April 1976 with countries represented officially and unofficially. The 4th Congress is being hosted by Mexico from 24th Sept. - 1st October 1978.

Very little has taken place in the Middle Eastern Region due to conflict. The Australasian Region will be represented by 2 delegates to this Congress. The African Region is keeping close contact in 3 countries but conditions militate presently against a Regional Congress there.

In Europe attempts were made twice this year to hold an international Council Meeting combined with a Regional Committee but air strikes twice caused cancellation of a mid-European location. It is hoped that this can be rectified next year as the E.E.C. and E.F.T.A. are strengthening economic and social ties.

The Congress expresses its deep and sincere regrets on the passing over of our following colleagues:- Shri J.N.Mankar Hon.Vice President and Hon.Regional Secretary for India and The East - I.V.U. earlier this month. he was a "moving spirit" in the last three World Vegetarian Congresses in India in 1957, 1967 and now will have this Congress as his memorial as I am sure he would have wished it to continue.

[from the Treasurer's report]:

It would help on the printing side, if Regional Secretaries passed on written matter from IVU in their magazines to their own Affiliates as there are a rising costs and labour shortage for H.Q. to do it all on present rates.

[from the list of members and subscriptions paid]:

[- notes that member societies paid subscriptions via the Latin American Regional Secretary and the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) from 1976]

1979 [from the agenda]

Honorary Secretaries:- (not for election by Congress but by Council)
Mr B.J.Gunn-King (N.Ireland) retiring, for I.V.U. (H.Q.)
Hon.Reg.Sec. for Latin America - position vacant
Hon.Reg.Sec. for India & The East:- Mr.S.M.Mehta, Dr.M.Bhamgara (jointly)
Hon.Reg.Sec. for N.America: Mr.Brian Graff (U.S.A.)
Hon.Reg.Sec. for Africa: Mr.E.P.Morkel (S.Africa)
Hon.Reg.Sec. for Australasia: Mr.B.Standish (Melbourne)
Hon.Reg.Sec. for Europe: Councillor Mrs.I.Wilson (U.K.)
Hon.Corr.Sec for Middle East: Mr.P.L.Pick (U.K.)

[from the minutes]:

Australasia Mr.G.Karolyi (
Africa: Mr.Evan P.Morkel
Europe: Mr.C.D.Fettes
India and The East: jointly Mr.S.M.Mehta & Dr.M.M.Bhamgara
Latin America: Hon.Corr.Sec. Mr German A.Vasquez
Middle East: Hon.Corr.Sec. Mr.P.L.Pick

[from the list of members and subscriptions paid]:
[- subs for North America paid via NAVS, Latin America and India and The East all paid via Regional Secretaries.]