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Europe 1991

From The VSUK Members' Forum, Sep/Oct 1990:

The Society [VSUK] will host the next European regional Congress of EVU in 1991 and this will held in London from 27 July. Full details will be given later.

From The Vegetarian (VSUK) Nov/Dec 1990:

European Vegetrarian Congress
The Congress will be held at Chester College, close to the centre of the City of Chester, and situated in very attractive grounds. There are very good sports facilities with a swimming pool and sauna. If there is sufficient support, a week's touring holiday will be arranged before the Congress and a two-day excursion will possibly follow the event. Vegetarian Society: 061-928 0793

From the Member' Forum, same issue:

European Vegetarian Congress 1991
It had been proposed to hold the Congress in London in 1991 but some of the facilities at the proposed venue will not be acceptable so another venue has been chosen. [the info above then repeated].

From the Member' Forum, Jan/Feb 1991:

European Vegetarian Congress 1991
Date: Saturday 27 July - Thursday 1 August
Venue: Chester College

VSUK is hosting this year's EVU Congress. [venue details as above] There will be a full programme of talks, workshops and entertainment, with the possibility of staying on for two days of excursions, and if there's enough demand, a week's touring holiday will be arranged before the Congress. The cost will vary between 105 to 190 depending on the type of accommodation you choose. Don't miss this chance to meet fellow vegetarians.

From the Members Forum, Mar/Apr 1991:

EVU Congress
The plans for the European Vegetarian Congress next July in Chester are developing well and it is expected that a good number of participants will be attracted to it. The growing Eastern European vegetarian societies would like to be able to join the Congress but their unfavourable exchange rate made the cost prohibitive. Council decided the Society should fund accommodation and meals for two representatives from each East European national vegetarian society. It was hoped that donations would be made towards the cost and to help them with travel costs if necessary. Donations for this are being invited and should be sent to Parkdale indicating the purpose for which the donation is being made.

From the same issue:

European Vegetarian Coingress 1991
Date: Saturday 27 July - Thursday 1 August
Venue: Chester College

VSUK is hosting this year's EVU Congress. The venue is close to Chester city centre and situated in attractive grounds with good sports facilities, swimming pool and sauna. There is good access to motorways and rail services and Manchester Airport.

Chester is a Roman City with agreat deal of historical interest and well-placed for excursions to North Wales, the Lake District, the Pennines and Liverpool for anyone who wants to extend their stay and make a holiday of it. various excursions are being arranged and a one week holiday tour prior to the Congress.

There will be a full programme of talks, (speakers include the Rev Dr Andrew Linzey, Dr Vernon Coleman, John Wynne-Tyson, Joyce d'Silva, mark Gold, Richard Ryder), workshops and entertainment, and simultaneous translation will be provided for any language group which can guarantee a minimum of thirty participants. The official language of the Congress will be English.

The cost will vary between 150 to 190 depending on the type of accommodation you choose. The cheapest rooms are student-type, wioth large bathroom facilities shared by 20-30 people, the next grade is in small student houses, the most expensive is similar to UK 3 star hotels with en-suite bathrooms. A self-catering option is available with four people sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities but this has to be booked for the whole week. There is also a youth hostel and a camp site near by. All buildings are non-smoking, both vegetarians and vegans will be catered for.

Don't miss this chance to meet fellow vegetarians from all over Europe! More details and booking forms etc from Linda Farmer at Parkdale.

From the Members Forum, May/June 1991:

European Vegetarian Congress 1991
Date: Saturday 27 July - Thursday 1 August
Venue: Chester College

[intro section as above]

We now have more details of the programme including:

Judith Baumgartner - The development of German Vegetarainism
Dr Vernon Coleman, President International League of Doctors Against Vivisection - Why all Animal Experiments Should be Banned
Joyce d'Silva, Director Compassion in World Farming - Campaigning to Change the Law
Mark Gold - Director Animal Aid - Pandora's Lunchbox - Making a TV Programme
Philip Pick, Honorary Life President International Jewish Vegetarian Society - Parents Sow the Seeds of Future Wars
Grethe Schmidt - Vegan Living
Rob Snijders, Secretary EVU - The Functioning of the EVU

Other speakers include: Jon Wynne-Tyson, author of Food for a Future; Richard Ryde of the RSPCA; the Reverend Dr Andrew Linzey - title of hteri talks to be confirmed.. There will be a full programme of workshops including Writing Press Releases; Promoting Your Group/Society; Influencing Children Through Scholl Talks; Cookery Demos.

There will be a fashion parade showing the latest leatherlook jackets, shoes, belts and handbags.

The Reverend Dr Andrew Linzey will conduct a service in Celebration of Animal in the Chapel on Sunday 28 July.

[other info as above]

In the same issue:

The 1991 European Vegetarian Union Congress, to be held at Chester College, Chester, U.K. provides an opportunity to meet and discuss vegetarianism with European delegates, particularly with the approach of the European 1992 single market.

[further details as above]

Chester College, founded in 1839 is set in 30 acres of landscaped grounds. The accommodation consists largely of modern rooms, a small number having ensuite bathrooms.

The College is only 10 minutes from the centre of Chester, a charming walled city with a history stretching back over 2000 years.

The city's fine selection of specialist shops and internationally renowned stores offer a wealth of choice in the most attractive of settings.

From the VSUK Members' Forum, Jul/Aug 1991:

The European Vegetarian Congress in Chester looks likely to be a great success with a notable list of speakers and an excellent programme of activities. Council approved plans for the event. It is still possible to book in for all or part of it and to participate in the programme of excursions.

[In the main section of that issue the above notice, with picture, was repeated, but the banner on the picture changed to 'Places still available'.]

From the VSUK Members' Forum, Sep//Oct 1991:

[extract of report from the VSUK Council meeting, July 7, 1991] Council noted the very full and interesting programme being offered at the European Vegetarian Union Congress in Chester which this Society is hosting. This report is being written before the event but it seems likely that well over two hundred people from most countries in Europe will attendas well as a few from Canada, the United States, India, Singapore and Australia. Particularly welcome will be the representatives from the newly developing vegetarian societies of Eastern Europe.

from The Vegetarian (VSUK), Nov/Dec 1991:

Russian Veggies
Turning Moscow vegetarian is more than just a dream for Tatyana Pavlova and Dr Irena Medkova, whoce new health centre aims to promote the benefits of a non meat-eating lifestyle.

While visiting the Vegetarian Conference earlier in the year, the campaigners were provided with literature, posters and videos to be distributed in Moscow.

Unfortunately, although Tatyana and Irena are breaking new ground, they are entirely without funds. Hilary Nimmo of Compassion in World Farming, is asking everyone to join in and help the vegetarian Society and Ecological Foundation of the Soviet Union onto its feet. The fund is open until Jauary 31 and cheques and postal orders should be made out to: The Moscow Fund, c/o Hilary Nimmo, 34 St Peters St, Islington N1 8JT. Please state if receipt required..

from the Members Forum,Jan/Feb 1992:

EVU Congress
This event was very successful in terms of attendance and the high calibre of speakers who covered a wide range of topics related to vegetarianism. It was also a moving event in terms of the brotherhood that resulted from meeting a wide range of people from Eastern Europe. The struggle they have endured and the work they now have in front of them to bring the vegetarian message to the fore in their own countries was obvious to those of us fortunate enough to meet them. [Pat McGlashan, Chair of Council]