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Regional Vegetarian Congresses

The 1982 Constitution
of the International Vegetarian Union

The 1982 IVU Constitution formalised the concept of Regional Congresses and introduced Regional Executives (which later became Regional Organisations). Below is the section dealing with the Regions - This constitution was replaced in 1993

As completely revised at the 26th World Vegetarian Congress, held in Neu Ulm, West Germany, 22nd July - 1st August, 1982.

CLAUSE 7 - Regions

  1. I.V.U. shall have seven administrative areas which shall be Africa, Australasia, Europe, Latin America, North America, the Far East and the Middle East.
  2. During the years when there are no world Congresses, each of the seven regions shall, if possible, hold regional vegetarian Congresses.
  3. Each region shall hold elections at its Congress to administer the affairs of the region through a regional executive. The number of officers and committee elected shall not exceed the total number elected under the constitution of I.V.U. for the International Council.
  4. When it does not prove possible to hold regional Congresses the affairs of the region and elections may be conducted by post.
  5. Each region shall determine its own constitution which may not conflict with any of the clauses contained within the constitution of I.V.U.
  6. Each regional executive shall elect one representative to serve on the International Council of I.V.U.
  7. Should any region not be able to maintain a regional organisation the International Council may take whatever action it may deem necessary to ensure representation of the region on the International Council until the next world Congress.