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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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Paypal information

Paypal is an easy way to pay online by credit card for your Congress registration, it maintains a very high degree of security and is very reliable - but you need to be aware of some points before starting:

If you do not already have a Paypal account then you may be required to fill in some basic details in order to open an account. This is completely FREE, and should only take a minute or two.

But . . . all Paypal accounts are initially 'unverified', which means you will have a spending limit of around 600 Euros / US$1,000 / 500 UK pounds.

If you expect your total payment for the Dresdenl Congress to be within this limit click here to proceed


If you need to pay more than that, then your Paypal account will have to be 'expanded/verified'.

to 'expand/verify' an account, complete the Registration Form, click the 'send to Germany' button, check the details on the next page and proceed to Paypal
- then follow the instructions given on the paypal site.

  1. Paypal charges $1.95 to your credit card (this is refunded when you make your first payment).
  2. when you receive your credit card statement there will be a 4 digit code next to Paypal in the list of items.
  3. go back to your Paypal account and enter the code. Your spending limit will then be removed.
    This is all done to ensure that you really are the owner of the card! It may be a little tedious but much better than someone else using it...

The obvious problem is that it can take some time before you receive your credit card statement by post. If you can access your card company's website then you might be able to read your statement online within 4 days, otherwise it could be up to a month - but this will NOT affect your discount for early payment!

When you proceed to the congress payment form, the first part is sent directly to the Congress organisers in Germany - provided that arrives by the deadline for the discount then it won't matter if the actual payment is delayed due to 'verification' of your Paypal account.

If you are happy with this then click here to proceed

If you have a very personal problem with Paypal you can the IVU Manager for help. But please consider making it easier for us by joining ivu-congress below.

If you have questions for the Congress organisers, please subscribe to ivu-congress to avoid them having to answer the same questions to everyone individually:

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