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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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Where is it?

The most likely way to Dresden, from outside Europe, will be to fly to Frankfurt - one of the world's major airline hubs - then take a short connecting flight to Dresden. The German airline, Lufthansa, probably offers reasonable prices for both from most parts of the world.

There are also direct flights into Dresden-Klotzsche from various other European cities and the Mediterranean/North Africa region - see: (in German, English, Polish and Czech).

VEBU tries to organise an environmentally friendly congress. So we are cooperating with - have a look for details (also in Deutsch) and ask if you necessarily have to travel by air - then consider a donation to equalize the CO2 from airplanes.

However, this is only the second best solution. If possible we will appreciate it if you use public transport where you can.

- Press Release: new BA service from Gatwick to Dresden

To get from the airport in Dresden, the best way is by the S-Bahn (underground railway) which is quick and cheap). Representatives from the Congress organisers will be on hand to help as much as possible.

From within Europe there are also budget airlines, such as EasyJet and RyanAir, flying to Berlin (from at least 24 European airports) where you can take a 2 hour 11 minute direct train to Dresden. There are also several budget flights to Prague, in the Czech Republic, which is a little closer, and several other German cities with rail links to Dresden.

For trains to Dresden see (in German, English, French, Italian) - Railroads:

  • Daily links with all major German cities
  • Linked to the ICE high-speed and EC/IC network
  • International connections with more than 10 major European cities
  • Two long-distance train stations
  • Travel time (by fast train) from Hamburg 5 hours, Berlin 3 hours, Frankfurt/Main 4,5 hours, Munchen (Munich) 7 hours

Highways and regional roads:

  • Highways (Autobahnen) A4 and A 13
  • Regional roads (Bundesstrasen) B6, B97, B170, B172, B173
  • Distances from Hamburg 492 km, Berlin 193 km, Frankfurt/Main 485 km, Munchen (Munich) 496 km
  • For road routed withing Europe (in English) see the RAC Route Planner

For more detailed maps see - select Germany, then click on the map


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