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Be part of this world: 8 - 14th November 2004
Plan your trip now! Costão de Santinho Resort & Spa
Praia do Santinho - Florianópolis - Brazil

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This event will  offer a deep contact with nature in the mountains of Santa Catarina, as well as a good human contact with local population.

It is an intense physical experience: highly revitalizing and very good for self-esteem. Daily, we will walk during 6 to 8 hours, take bath in waterfalls and mountain rivers, and enjoy nature.

You don’t need to be an athlete: any adult with a normal health is able to do it. Walking is an essential characteristic of mankind: during centuries and millennia human beings walked long distances (in wars, pilgrimages, business, family visits etc), but with the industrial revolution this human function got lost. A long trekking is a meeting with our genetic potential.

A typical day is:

Getting up, breakfast, preparing the backpack, and leaving.

Hiking, contemplating nature. Bath.


Hiking again, contemplating nature.

Arrival to the lodging farm.

Installation, contact with the farmers, visit of the farm, dinner.




In the Serra Geral of Santa Catarina, between 400 and 1600 meters above sea level, the landscape is typical of the South Brazilian mountain range: spontaneous wild forest alternating with pastures, native Araucaria pine tree forest and small fields (the economical structure of agriculture is polyculture based on family work).

Abundant water: rivers, waterfall.

The ethnic origin of local population is mainly German, due to the immigration of the second half of the 19th century. The elders speak German and Portuguese

Old traditions, lost for decades in industrial countries, are well alive: cooking is made on wood fire stoves. 80% of the food they eat is produced on the farm. In one of the lodging farms, the farmers, 80 and 70 years old, have no electricity, and keep alive a way of life that remembers us 19th century life. In another lodging farm, a sawmill is moved with hydraulic energy.




The lodging farmers are members of the “Acolhida na Colônia” association (which means “farmer’s welcome”). This association helped the farmers to adapt and structure the farm for receiving tourists within well defined quality standards. The peasant’s welcome is exceptionally warm.  Taking part of this event, one has the chance to live a rare experience: tourism in these valleys is getting born only now, and did not modify the original environment.

Only the initial trip until the starting of the trail and, the final trip back to Florianópolis will be by bus, the rest will be by foot. Trekking will be from Rancho Queimado to Uribici. The distance from Florianopolis to Rancho Queimado is 60 km and from Florianopolis to Urubici is 170 km. 



The guide, born in France and living in Brazil since 1986, integrates both the Brazilian and the European culture. He speaks Portuguese, French, English, German, Spanish and Russian. He has a long experience of traveling long distances by foot in Europe and in Brazil, and is developing a net of hiking trails in Santa Catarina. He puts emphasis on group solidarity, respect for the body and physical capacity of each member of the group, respect to nature and to the local population. An aspect of his work is helping dealing with one’s fear of nature. 


COST (per person)

U$ 230 Currency Converter

Minimum: 4 people - Maximum: 10 people

Those considering joining this trekking can subscribe to discussion list - wvc-trekking to exchange messages with the guide and other people who also are considering going. Just send a email to:


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