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Marcio Bontempo, MD

To further his medical knowledge, Dr Marcio Bontempo has studied homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine and public health. He published 41 significative works on human health and is responsible, among others, for setting up the Natural Scientific Medicine in Brazil. Respected among his peers, Dr Bontempo has always devoted himself to a general medicine practice more consistent and more concerned with the human being, less pharmacological and more complying with its fundamental duty of restoring health and not only fight symptoms.

Until now Dr Bontempo gave about two hundred intensive courses on Natural Medicine in many Brazilian cities and more than five hundred lectures, and had his works presented in national and international medical congresses and symposiums, in the USA, Chile, Equador and France. 

The author is a member of many national and international medical, ambientalist, vegetarian and animal protection entities, and one of the most devoted advocates of nutrition conscience for a world more peaceful, just and humane.


Dr Marcio will be presenting at 36th World Vegetarian Congress the following talk:

- The scientific and nutritional bases of vegetarianism.

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