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Laerte Fernando Levai

Dr. Laerte Levai is a member of the Public Prosecution Service of the State of Sao Paulo since 1990 - he is a district attorney in the city of Sao Jose dos Campos. He tried the first public civil suit in Brazil in 1992 against cruel slaughter of animals, becoming vegetarian.

From then on he filled public civil suits against rodeos, circuses, slaughterhouses and universities performing animal experiments. He signed a conduct agreement with the City in favor of animals used in traction services and started an investigation to determine abuse against farm animals, in the agribusiness sector.

Each year he presents, in environmental congresses of the Public Prosecution Service, institutional theses to defend animals, recognizing them as individuals with rights.

He is the author of the book “Direito dos Animais” (Animal Rights), which was recently revised and updated.


Dr Laerte will present at 36th World Vegetarian Congress the following talk:

- Juridical instruments in defense of factory farming animals.






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