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Françoise Berthoud

Vegetarian for 25 years and now vegan, Françoise Berthoud is a Swiss paediatrician, having used mainly homeopathy and reflection on alimentation in her practice. Twenty years ago, she wrote two little books “My child and the vaccines” and “Feed your child with vegetal living food”. In her practice, near Geneva, she gave a lot of importance on health education of the parents, sharing the medical power with them in the field of decisions about food, vaccinations and therapies in general. Her holistic approach included also emotional field, help in the communication between the parents of the child and use of osteopathy in many physical problems. She is now retired, but going on with studying and teaching, and preparing the next book “Live with a child in a medicalised world”. She spends a few months every year in Brazil, where she hopes to work on information and creation of groups of reflection about the vaccines.

Françoise will be presenting the following talk:

”Why vaccinate a vegetarian child?.... any child!”

The holistic approach of health leaves very little room for the vaccines, as we realise the meaning of disease. We are not the victims of disease, but they are a process of detoxification and of learning, as any other difficulty in our life. For some philosophies, they are a karmic process as well.

The suppression of childhood diseases by the vaccines, suppressing the normal hot diseases of the beginning of life, is preparing the cold diseases of the adult, (cancers etc.)

The vaccines belong to the world on conventional medicine, based on the physical body, the mental and the rational brain. They also very much belong to the world of money!

An increasing literature exists on all the continents about the objective approach of the subject, some studying their very discussed utility, even in poor countries, some pointing their dangers, very well known of the homeopaths, who sometimes see spectacular results when they “clean” the vaccines with isopatic homeopathic remedies.

It is not easy not to vaccinate a child today, especially in the countries where they are compulsory, and also because of the fear of diseases still present in the heart of the people and in the brain of most doctors. There is a great need of objective information, not coming from the pharmaceutical industry.

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