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Dr Barbara Barros

Dr Barbara Barros is a General Practicioner. Her alma mater is PUC-PR (Catholic Pontifical University - Parana State). Specialized in Integrated and Biological Medicine in Foz do Iguašu-PR for 12 years and member of AMBO, the International Society of Homotoxicology, the Academia Sul-Americana de Medicina Integrada and the OSCIP - Instituto Brasileiro de Saude Preventiva. Instructor of the Popular Health Course from ITAIPU, coordinator of UNIMED's Preventive Medicine sector and member of UNIMED's National Committee of Preventive Medicine.

Technical Manager of Qualivida, in Maringa, Parana State. Manager of Amigos da Saude [Health Friends] - Basic Education Program for the city outskirts dwellers. She coordinated for 3 years the Medical Management for programs and projects of the Health Secretary in Foz do Iguašu. Geotherapy Professor on the INSINA Natural Therapies Course for 2 years. Voluntary doctor of the Pastoral de Sa˙de for 3 years. General Practicioner at the Instituto Kanyo, at Itapecerica da Serra, Sao Paulo State, for 2 years. Voluntary Doctor at the IASD Health and Temperance Program, Cotia, SŃo Paulo State, for 2 years. Missionary at Luzeiro XIV Manaus for 1 year (1980).


Dr Barbara Barros' lecture at the 36th World Vegetarian Congress will approach the following topic:

- Vegetarianism at the Adventist Church

The following issues will be addressed:

- The ideal diet proposed by the Creator for His people.

- Vegetarianism - nourishing the loving human nature, not the carnal nature.

- Diet and spirituality - efects on the appreciation of the Truth; judgement and decision; influence, helpfulness, moral control.

- The other 7 precepts of the Health Adventist Reformation.

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