International Vegetarian Union (IVU)

8 - 14th November 2004
Costão do Santinho Resort & Spa
Santinho Beach - Florianópolis - Brazil

Post Congress Tour 1 - Day 1, Sunday
photos by John Davis & David Pye

click on pictures for larger versions

the stop for lunch on the road south

- with some music from the owner

back to the bus

and onto . . .

. . . a ferry

passing the other ferry


after a long bumpy ride . . .

...we reach the lighthouse

looking up inside

near the top

the light itself

the keeper surveys....

...his domain

the view to the bottom

a small church on the cliff

and wild seas

- then we had a very long and bumpy drive back, over the ferry, and another long drive to a hotel for the night.


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