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Be part of this world: 8 - 14th November 2004
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Application Form for a grant* towards the cost of attending the World Vegetarian Congress 2004, Brazil

* the grant may include part or full funding of one place at the congress to include registration fee and all accommodation and meals at the event. It does not include travel to the venue or optional extras such as excursions.

Grant Guidelines

  1. Applications, for one place only, must be received from already established vegetarian groups or organisations. Grants will not be given to individual applicants.
  2. All applications must be in English.
  3. Initial Applications should be on the form below. The closing date for applications is 31st August, 2004 to allow for applicants to be notified and the necessary travel arrangements made. No applications can be considered after this date.
  4. All applications will be considered on their merit. Wherever possible, applications should be supported by the relevant IVU regional co-ordinator for the area concerned.
  5. Applying organisations may be asked to provide a recent statement of their accounts, the reasons why they are unable to fund the place themselves and information on how they intend to cover travel costs,

Name of organisation:

Contact Person:




Email address:

IVU Membership Number:

Are you able to contribute towards the cost of the place? Please detail below:

Is your group able to offer a talk/ workshop/ entertainment? Please give details below if yes.

I certify that the above group exists to promote vegetarianism and I will send a copy of the organisations constitution or other governing document. I also enclose information as requested on the organisation including a statement of current accounts.




Details of what your organisation has achieved so far, any particular difficulties facing the organisation and what you expect to gain by the attendance of your delegate (equivalent to one sheet of A4 paper).

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