International Vegetarian Union (IVU)


This is NOT online payment by credit card, you will have to send the money by BANK TRANSFER.
You will be given the details of the bank in Brazil when you hit 'send'.
Your registration will not be accepted until the money arrives.

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Couples and families, where one person is paying all the bills and all details are identical, may put all names on the one form. BUT groups of friends who are paying separately must complete a separate form for each person.

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Phone: Fax:

If you would like randomly allocated room-mate(s) tick here:

If you wish to share with friend(s) sending separate form(s) give their names:

If you require the shuttle bus from the airport to Costao (US$14 for return ticket), give info re your Flights to/from Florianópolis below: 
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If you have not yet booked your flight but will require the shuttle bus tick this box you can send the information later by email - or with your 2nd payment if you are sending half now..

I will be bringing a child/ children to the event, please give age(s)
Children up to 3 years old do not pay if accommodated in cradles. A maximun of one extra bed per apartment can be provided for children from 4 to 11 years (except in standard apartments). If 2 children stay in the same apartment they will be considered as one adult for payment purposes.

My diet is vegetarian vegan rawfood - All meals at the Congress will be vegan but may not be on the tours, completion of the above will help us plan for your requirements.

I require simultaneous interpretation and my language is:


Accommodation - click for more details of the rooms (opens in new window)

select one - all prices are per person:*
A Standard Room, single - US$839

B Standard Room, double -
C Superior Apartment, 1 bedroom - single -
D Superior Apartment, 1 bedroom - double - US$709

E Superior Apartments, 2 bedrooms - triple/quadruple
F Superior Villas, 3 or 4 rooms - quintuple/sextuple -
H Studio– International Hotel and Spa, single -
I Studio– International Hotel and Spa, double -
Program plus meals only - no accommodation (for those staying elsewhere) - US$325

select one if required:
G Extra bed in apartment - Until
June 30: US$154
J Extra bed in studio - Until
June 30: US$323

Shuttle bus from airport at US$14 per person, return ticket:

Tours (optional) - In the event of cancellation by the tour group or the Society all fees will be fully refunded. We are unable to refund otherwise and would advise participants to take out relevant insurance.


All prices are per person


Pre Congress Tour (opens in new window)


6 days touring on the enchanting seashore of Santa Catarina SOLD OUT

Day tours - click for more details (opens in new window)
(Thursday, 11th November):

All full days based on 30-40 participants – if there are insufficient on any one tour we may need to combine trips.

select one if required:

F1 Floripa City Tour US$18

F2 Schooner Trip to Dolphin Bay and Historic Fortress US$20
F3 Santo Amaro da Imperatriz Mineral Spring Bath US$18

F4 Parque Municipal Lagoa do Peri US$18

F5 Logoa da Conceiçao and Costa da Lagoa US$18
F6 Rafting US$30
F7 Santinho Dunes and Mozambique Beach - free!


Post Congress Tours - click links for details in new window (please contact before booking a post-congress tour)

select one if required:
Post Congress Tour 1 - US$332

Post Congress Tour 2 - US$230

Post Congress Tour 3 Triple room - US$520

Post Congress Tour 3 Double room - US$620

Post Congress Tour 3 Single room - US$820

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Discounts: a few people, such as speakers, are entitled to a discount, you should already have been told the amount. You can manually change the figure in the above total box and mention this in the comments box below.

Link to Currency Converter - (opens in a new window) use this see how much you will be paying in your own currency (for those not in the USA).

We suggest that you also check how much this is in 'Brazilian Reals' as some banks may charge less if you give them the amount in Reals. Write down this amount as you will have to take it to your bank!

Note: we cannot offer the option of paying 50% deposit on bank transfers as the banks will charge twice as much for two payments.

Comments box, for anything else you want to tell us:
(eg: if you have any particular requirements for a double (one large) or twin (two small) beds, let us know, along with any other special needs.)

When you click the button below it will send all the above information to the Congress organisers in Brazil - and transfer you to a page with the Brazil bank account details which you can print and take (or post) to your bank.