International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
IVU logo 35th World Vegetarian Congress
'Food for all our futures'

Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland
July 8-14, 2002
Hosted by

The Vegetarian Society
of the United Kingdom

Texts and Recipes

This page will feature some texts of talks and sample recipes from the cookery demos - more are still being added as they become available.

There are plans for a possible booklet including some talks and recipes from the Congress, to be published later - full details will appear on this page as they become available.

Some speakers may not wish their texts of their talks to be published on the web and, of course, we will respect that. If they are available in other media we'll post that info here too.

See the Congress Programme for full details of all the talks.



Derek Antrobus: Neither phoenix nor fad (Monday plenary session)

Tina Fox : Sowing Seeds for a Vegetarian Future - Smiling our Way to Success (Monday Plenary session)

Sandra Hood : The vegan diet for infants and children (Tuesday 9-10am)
- Italiano La dieta vegetariana per infanti e bambini

Sandra Hood : Diabetes
- Español Diabetes
- Italiano La Dieta Vegana nel Diabete Mellito

Derek Antrobus: Philosophy of diet - or a philosophy of life? (Tuesday 10 - 11am)

Nikolai Kalanov: Vegetarianism in Russia - Past, Present & Future (Tuesday, 11.30am-12.30pm)

Francisco Martin Animal Rights: A test of civilisation (Tuesday 2pm-3pm)
- Español Derechos de los Animales: una Prueba de Civilización
- Français Les droits de l’animal : la civilisation à l’épreuve

Hans Diehl
- Italiano Legame tra Osteoporosi ed Elevati Consumi di Proteine (Thursday - 11.30am - 12.30pm)

Dilip Barman: Working with Filo dough - main courses and delicious desserts with recipes (Thursday - 2.00pm - 4.00pm double session)

Yoshihiko Miyazawa: Introduction to a definition of "vegetarianism" by relational value. (fringe, Thursday 3pm-4pm)

Mitsuru Kakimoto: Three Main Vegetarian Influences in Japanese Cuisine (fringe, Thursday 3pm-4pm)
- Español Las tres principales influencias vegetarianas en la cocina japonesa

David Pye: Why environmentalists aren't vegetarian (Thursday, plenary session)
- Español Por qué los ecologistas no son vegetarianos

David Pye: Being Vegetarian is really good for environment (Friday 11.30 - 13.30)