International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
IVU logo 35th World Vegetarian Congress
'Food for all our futures'

Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland
July 8-14, 2002
Hosted by

The Vegetarian Society
of the United Kingdom

Norma Maskell
Thursday - 8.30pm : Aura-Soma

The Aura-Soma colour system is a tool to help us recognise our true selves, our gifts, our potetial and our challenges. It can help us achieve a balance in body, mind and spirit. During a consultation the client would choose four, from one hundred and three dual-coloured bottles. These are called equilibrium, and combine the energies of light, colour, minerals and plants.

The consultant will help the client explore and interpret the selection. It is an ancient knowledge that has been reborn and revitalised into a living energy system easily accessible to all. The colours chosen reflect the needs that we have hidden within ourselves. Our colour choice helps us to recognise these needs at a deep level providing a bridge of communication between the self and the soul. This is known as the 'Rainbow Bridge' and is at the heart of Aura-Soma. Our chosen colours have the capacity to gently guide and reward us with a deep understanding and experience of the 'soul' selves, past, present and to come. Through the wave-lengths of colour we may become self-empowered and discover that we are co-creators of our future. It is profound ... and it's also a lot of fun!

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