International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
IVU logo 35th World Vegetarian Congress
'Food for all our futures'

Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland
July 8-14, 2002
Hosted by

The Vegetarian Society
of the United Kingdom

Photo Gallery - some people....
(these were taken on a camera with a just small built-in flash which limits the quality a bit)

an audience in the Auditorium

A corner of the cybercafe

Kazina Karmenian and Nikolai Kalanov from the Eurasian Vegetarian Society, Moscow

Marly Wnkler, IVU Regional Co-ordinator for Latin America, with a tatooed friend - both from Brazil.

Carmen Somaschi and daughter from Associazione Vegetariana Italiana (Italy)

Dionicia Kouis from the Vegetarian Society of South Australia, Adelaide and Kazina Karmenian from the Eurasian Vegetarian Society, Moscow

Jashu Shah, India, IVU Regional Co-ordinator for Asia.

Kevin Pickard, chairman of the International Council of IVU, from Toronto, Canada

Mitsuru Kakimoto, President of the Japan Vegetarian Society and member of the IVU International Council..