International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
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34th World Vegetarian Congress
Toronto, Canada, July 10th to 16th 2000

[report sent to the veg-news list by Alex Hershaft of FARM, July 17,2000]


The 34th World Vegetarian Congress concluded yesterday with an ambitious agenda for the new century and a new International Council. The Congress was sponsored by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, on behalf of the International Vegetarian Union which promotes planetary health, animal protection, and environmental sustainability through vegetarianism. (For more information, see

The new agenda for North America and other developed countries will be to work with mainstream health advocacy organizations, major food manufacturers, supermarket and restaurant chains, and school districts in promoting production and distribution of wholesome, convenient plant-based foods. The International Vegetarian Union will also oppose introduction of agribusiness-driven factory farming in developing countries.

Vegetarian leaders from seven countries were elected to the new International Vegetarian Union Council. They are Kevin Pickard of the Toronto Vegetarian Association (Chairman), Tina Fox of the Vegetarian Society of UK (Deputy Chair), Saurabh Dalal of the Vegetarian Association of the District of Columbia (Secretary). Also Gerry Coffey of the U.S., Richard Dimech of the Vegetarian Network of Victoria (Australia), Mitsuru Kakimoto of the Japan Vegetarian Society, Claude Pasquini of the Vegetarian Society of Luxemburg, David Pye of the United Kingdom and Paul Turner of the U.S.

Several hundred people from 20 countries participated in the week-long Congress at Toronto's prestigious Colony Hotel. The program featured 70 speakers on health, nutrition, food preparation, food resources, environment, spirituality, ethics, animal exploitation, and advocacy techniques. The next World Vegetarian Congress is scheduled in Scotland in the summer of 2002.