International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
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34th World Vegetarian Congress
Toronto, Canada, July 10th to 16th 2000

  • April 10 - last date for Secretary to send out call for nominations for the International Council
    Bylaws, S.4.3.c: Calls for nominations shall be made by the Secretary at least three months prior to a General Meeting. Anyone nominated who wishes to run shall be placed on the ballot, provided they are vegetarians and members of a member organisation.
  • April 10 - last date for Societies to join IVU and get a vote
    Bylaws S.4.2.g: Member societies may only vote at a General Meeting if their membership has been valid for a minimum of three months.
  • April 10 - last date for proposals to alter the IVU Constitution
    Bylaws S.7.a: Proposed alterations to the Constitution shall be submitted to the Secretary no later than three months before the opening of the next World Congress .
  • May 10 - deadline for General Meeting agenda items
    Bylaws, S.4.2.c: The General Meeting shall carry out such business as has been requested of the Secretary by the International Council or Member Societies at least two months prior to the commencement of the meeting. Items submitted on the day may be accepted at the discretion of the General Meeting.
  • May 10 - last date for circulation of proposals to alter the IVU Constitution
    Bylaws S.7.a: . . . and shall be circulated to the member organisations and the members of the International Council no later than two months before the opening of the next World Congress. Additional amendments (to the proposed alterations) may be proposed at the General Meeting.
  • June 10 - last date for circulation of names of candiates
    Bylaws S..4.3.d: The Secretary shall mail or email a list containing the names of candidates to all voting member organisations one month prior to a membership meeting. The list shall be accompanied by position statements submitted by the candidates, of a length and format prescribed by the IC. The election shall be held at the General Meeting.
  • July 10 - the Congress begins
  • July 10-13 - the IVU General Meeting
    Bylaws, S.4.2.a: At each World Vegetarian Congress a General Meeting shall be held to deal with the business of IVU within the first three days of the Congress. Sufficient time shall be allowed to deal with all current business.