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3rd International Vegetarian Congress 1893
Chicago, USA

Pre-Congress notes:

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), July 1890, p.194:

THE AMERICAN VEGETARIAN SOCIETY AT THE WORLD'S FAIR. - The World's Fair, which is to be held at Chicago in 1892 (sic), is not to be without representatives of Vegetarianism. A correspondent of Food, House, and Garden says:- "I hope that as many of our vice-presidents as can will try and meet one another at a certain specified time. We should doubtless have great pleasure in meeting and obtaining a better knowledge of each other. It would be well if we could secure some home for the reception of our members and securing for them proper food and other necessities. Many stranger might be attracted thereto, and know more of our ways and the manner in which we live." "This idea," adds the editor, "is worth considering. Of course it is and we have been considering and working toward it for some time. We hope the V.S.A. will be so strong by that time that it can have a good Vegetarian restaurant in the principal building of the Fair, and a large hotel secured for its adherents." We trust that there will be some representatives of European Vegetarianism present also at the World's Fair to make acquaintance with its American representatives.


In the May 28, 1892, issue of The Vegetarian (London) there was an extensive article about the coming World's Fair in Chicago, 1893, which stated: "Since the Vegetarian Federal Union hopes to hold a Congress there, it is of importance for all Vegetarians to arrange as far ahead as possible, so as to be there at the time of the Congress, and meet the brother Vegetarians who are daily growing more numerous in America."


From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), June 1, 1892:

THE CHICAGO EXHIBITION. - The arrangements for the World's Columbian Exposition are making steady progress, and no doubt nyriads of visitors will be attracted. Working side by side with the authorities of the Fair is "The World's Congress Auxilliary," who are organising gatherings to celebrate "the achievements of the new age in science, literature, education, government, jurisprudence, morals, charity, religion and other departments of human activity." These congresses will deal with many important problems having relation to the future welfare of the race. There is room for a Vegetarian Congress, and owing to the far-reaching character of the question there are several departments in which, under one aspect or another, it might fittingly be discussed.


The June 25, 1892, issue of The Vegetarian (London) carried another long article about the Chicago World's Fair and noted: ". . . The London Vegetarian Society has secured fifty passages for the great Vegetarian Federal Union Congress, and all Vegetarians who want to join the party should enter names at once with the Secretary. . ."

The November 12, 1892, issue of The Vegetarian added: " . . . Permission had been received to hold an International Convention on Vegetarianism at the Chicago Exhibition for the first week in June. Space had also been granted in the British section for the display of literature, and the Exhibition Commitee of Ways and Means were considering the details for the establishment of a Vegetarian restaurant."

In the December 10, 1892, issue of The Vegetarian, there was another long article detailing the programme for those gong on the trip to Chicago, some extracts: ". . . The Vegetarian Federal Union has arranged to hold an International Conference there in June, and for this purpose has already secured passages for all who have entered their names, with one or two to spare for those who have been unable yet to decide.
"A charming book, called 'A Scamper Through the States' has been issued [by The Polytechnic] to explain the whole journey, and gives information about all points of interest which will be passed en route.
"This much is very sure, that those who are able to spend a month next year, and can afford £30 will have a chance of a lifetime to spend the time and money in visitng the wondrous charms and beauties which our brothers from the West possess, and at the same time while learning from them much that they have to tell we may be able to give them a word of incalculable blessing by teaching them something of the beauties of Vegetarianism"

An even longer article, entitled A Trip to Chicago' appeared in the following week - December 17, 1892, issue of The Vegetarian, based on extracts from the above mentioned book.

The Vegetarian (London), February 4, 1893:


Anyone wishing to join this excursion should send name in at once to the Secretary, Vegetarian Federal Union.

There are now only six of the tickets for twenty six gunieas (second class saloon accommodation) but a larger number of the first-class passages (thrty two guineas) can be obtained.


From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), June 1, 1893:

CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL VEGETARIAN CONGRESS. - Arrangements for the International Vegetarian Congress to be held in the first week in June, in connection with the Columbian Exposition, are making progress. Mr. F. P. Doremus has secured promises of papers from a number of well-known English Vegetarians, and the Rev. H. S. Clubb has secured the same from friends in America. The organisation of the Congress, has been undertaken by the Vegetarian Federal Union, Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, London, where all communications on the subject should be sent.


The Vegetarian (London), April 15, 1893:


The Chicago Congress scheme is flourishing, and it seems probable that it will be the mst important meeting ever held by the Vegetarian Federal Union.

It will consist of a conference at Chicago itself, with reading of papers by eminent men, a stall in the Exhibition with display of foods and distribution of literature, and, if possible, a missionary journey through some of the great cities to found Vegetarian societies, and to kindle the flame of Vegetarian zeal.

Funds for carrying out the complete programme are being generously subscribed, but about ahundred pounds more are needed to make up the amount required. All who are interested in freely giving to our brothers and sisters in America of the good things we have so freely received in England, are invited to contribute to the fund.

All the members of the party are going out at their own expense, and as they have expressed their willingness to do all that lies in their power to spread the message of Vegetarianism throughout the States, we should not lose the opportunity of utilising the sources of such a picked band as they will be for want of the necessary funds for hire of halls, posting, advertising, printing, etc.

Amongst the contributions already received are A. F. Hills £100 ; F. D. Mocatta £3 ; E. R. Hooper £5 ; J. H. Cunninghame £5 5s. ; Miss A. Tracey £2 ; W. Sullivan £1 1s. ; Miss Wentworth £5 5s. ; Dr. Watters £5 5s. Cheques should be crossed "City Bank." -
- Josiah Oldfield, Hon. Treas., Vegetarian Federal Union.

The Vegetarian, April 22, 1893:

Excursion to Chicago. - The last passage (a second) has been secured for this interetsing and enjoyable trip which will start for Liverpool on May 20th, and return by the steamer leaving New York on June 17th. Anyone wishing to secure the ticket should apply at once to the Federal Union, Memorial Hall Farringdon-street, London from whence all particulars can be obtained. The trip for one month can be accomplished for the inclusive fee of 26 guineas, and as New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago and Niagara will be amongst the places visited everyone who has the time and money to spare should avail themselves of this unrivalled opportunity of visiting the States.

The Vegetarian, April 29, 1893:



One First and one Second Class can still be obtained if application be made at once. Price 34 guineas (first), and 26 guineas (second). This includes steamer, rail, hotels etc., inclusive, and will give opportunity of seeing Niagara, Philadelphia, New York, etc.


From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), May 1, 1893:

MAY MEETINGS OF THE VEGETARIAN SOCIETY. Our May meetings this year are to be held in Liverpool, on Thursday, 18th of May. There will be a Conference at 2-30 p.m. in the "Common Hall," Hackins Hey, Dale Street, a public Vegetarian banquet at 6 o'clock, at Chapman's Vegetarian Restaurant, Eberle Street, Dale Street, and a public meeting at 8 o'clock, at the hall in Hackins Hey. Our meetings this year will have a special feature. The Vegetarian delegates to the Chicago Exhibition, who are going to take part in the Conference in that city, and meetings in other parts of America arranged by the Vegetarian Federal Union, are to sail on Saturday, 20th May, from Liverpool by the "Alaska," for New York, en route for Chicago. Our meetings will partake of the nature of farewell gatherings, at which we hope to bid God speed to the friends who are journeying to take our greetings across the Atlantic, a feature which, we hope, will bring many friends together. We are looking for good meetings. Professor Mayor is to preside at the Conference. On the following Saturday, 20th May, a


will be held, when the Executive hope to bid Good bye to the delegates, and see them off by the "Alaska." We trust as many other friends as can do so will be present. The party from Manchester will leave Central Station in a special carriage by the 8.30 a.m. train. Breakfast will be served at 9.30, at Chapman's Vegetarian Restaurant, Eberle Street, and after the exchange of greetings the party will accompany the delegates to the Alexandra Dock, to embark in the "Alaska," starting from the restaurant at 10-30, to allow of the passengers being on board by 11-30, the time appointed by the Steamship Conpany. Friends wishing to take part in the excursion should apply for tickets as soon as possible, not later than Tuesday, 16th of May. Tickets for railway (return fare) and breakfast, 3/9 ; or breakfast alone, 1/-.

CHICAGO CONFERENCE . - At the Vegetarian Conference to be held in connection with the Chicago Exhibition, this Society is to be represented by Mr. W. E. A. Axon, hon.sec. ; the Rev. James Clark, a vice-president ; and Mr. Ernest C. Clark, a member of the Executive. These three gentlemen go as delegates of the Vegetarian Society to the World's International Vegetarian Congress, and to other meetings that are being arranged in different American cities by the Vegetarian Federal Union. We believe our friends will meet with a very hearty welcome from the Vegetarians of America, to many of whom they are well known by their works, and we are sure that they will carry with them - in addition to the warm greetings of the members of the Society they represent - an earnest spoirit for the advocacy of the principles of our Society - principles which they have worked to advance in this country for many years past. The Vegetarian Society is in addition contributing a donation of £10 to the expenses of the Conference and meetings in America.