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3rd International Vegetarian Congress 1893
Chicago, USA

from the Vegetarian Messenger, Manchester, November 1893:

THE TRANSACTIONS OF THE V.F.U. CONGRESS. - The next issue of the Hygienic Review will contain the complete series of papers reat at the Vegetarian Federal Union's Congress at Chicago. As it has been found quite impossible to condense these into the space of an ordinary number of the Review, it has been decided to issue a double number of about 160 pages, devoted entirely to the doings of the Vegetarians at Chicago. The number is to be specially illustrated with a large number of high-class portraits of leading vegetarians of Europe and America, and will form a beautiful and historic souvenir of one of the most successful and important events in the Vegetarian movement. As a limited edition only is to be issued, friends wishing to secure a copy should send to Mr. C. W. Forward, The Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, London, or from the Secretary of the Vegetarian Society, 9 Peter Street, Manchester. The price is 1s. ; or post free 1s. 3d.

from the Vegetarian Messenger, Manchester, November 1893:

MISS MAY YATES. - It is announced that Miss May Yates, who did such excellent service in the organisation of the World's Vegetarian Congress at the Chicago Exhibition, has resigned the position of Secretary of the London Vegetarian Society, with the intention of devoting some time to lecture work in the Unites States.

THE CHICAGO CONGRESS.- We may call attention to the report of the World's Vegetarian Congress contained in the October number of the Hygienic Review. The review makes a volume of 200 pages and has 44 illustrations, including portraits of many well-known Vegetarians of the past and present. The papers read at the Congress are given, and these cover a wide field of argument and experience. We advise all who are interested to purchase. Copies may be had from the office of the Vegetarian Society, 9, Peter Street, Manchester. Price, 1s. 3d. net, or 1s. 4., post free.

from the reports of the Vegetarian Society Annual Meeting in the same issue:

Two days after the May Meetings (Saturday, 20th May), a special Farewell Breakfast Meeting was held at Liverpool, to send off


to take part in the International Congress organised by the Vegetarian Federal Union, in connection with the Chicago Exhibition. The deputation consisted of Mr. W. E. A. Axon (hon, sec.), the Rev. James Clark (a vice-president), and Mr. Ernest C. Clark (a member of the Executive) who went from Manchester, and were joined at Liverpool by Mr. T. Anderson Hanson (a vice-president) from London. In addition to the meetings at Chicago they visited (together or separately) New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Battle Creek (Michigan), Boston, Sarotaga, and other cities, and took part in various functions in these places. A full account of their visit was given by the deputation at a welcome-home meeting, held in Manchester, on Friday, July 21st, and appears - together with their official report to the Executive - in the Vegetarian Messenger for August.