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2nd International Vegetarian Congress 1890
London, England

Pre- and Post- Congress notes from The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester):

From the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), October 1890, p.191-192 (from the report of the Vegetarian Federal Union meeting, held in Norwich in May) :

It was then arranged that the International Conference should be held in London on the 11th, 12th, and 13th, of September, the London Vegetarian Society being requested to arrange for the Congress and for the appointment of a reception committee of influential friends from the country at large.

From the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), October 1890, p.286:

The International Vegetarian Congress. - The press have found food for merriment, as well as food for reflection, in the interesting meetings which have just been held in London. "In the course of time," says the Daily News, "there will be as many rival sects of Vegetarians as there are rival sects of theologians. Here are the nut-eaters, with Dr. Densmore at their head, proclaiming that grain food is as perilous to the body as beef and mutton. Starch is the heretical element, so to speak, in grain food. But then comes Miss May Yates, an ornament of Vegetarian Orthodoxy, and Miss Yates announces that outside wholemeal bread there is no salvation. These are two schools or churches of the Vegetarian faith - the nut-eaters and the grain eaters." At least, this was what the representative of the Daily News gathered from what he heard.

same issue, p.287: Vegetarianism and the press.- The International Congress will be quite a landmark in the history of Vegetarianism in England. No Vegetarian meeting has ever before so enturely gained the attention of the press. Not only the Daily News, but other important journals, such as the Standard, the Daily Graphic, and the Pall Mall Gazette, found space for the notice of the meeting.

From the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), October 1890, p.340 (from the report of the Annual Meeting of The Vegetarian Society):

Under the auspices of this [Vegetarian Federal] union there was an International Vegetarian Congress, held in London in September, extending over three days (11th, 12th, and 13th), to which representatives were invited from various countries besides England. Delegates were present from France, Germany, Italy, and America, and from many of the local societies at home, while The Vegetarian Society was represented by the Rev. Jas. Clark, Messrs. P. Foxcroft, W. Harrison, A. Tongue, and Joseph Knight. The meetings were numerically successful, and considerable public attention has been directed towards Vegetarianism by the holding of this congress, while it has afforded an opportunity for the meeting together of representatives of many societies, and of different nationalities. The organising of the Congress was placed in the hands of the London Society, a Reception Committee being subsequently formed of representatives from all over the country.