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2nd International Vegetarian Congress 1890
London, England

From The Vegetarian (London), August 18, 1894:

Natural Food.

The following address which has never previously been published, was delivered by the late Herr Von Seefeld, at the Vegetarian Congress held in London some years ago :

"Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, - I neg to bring you greetings from the old German Vegetarian Society, also called the Natural Living Society of Germany, and from the Vegetarian Society of Hanover. We all in Germany sympathise intensely with the aims of the Federal Union, and we beg that our two leading societies be entered as affiliated societies.

And now fulfilling the honourable order of our committee, I shall attempt to lay before you a few remarks on the theory and practice of Vegetarianism. You will kindly excuse me, if the result is not adequate to my good will.

[the text of this talk may be added in due course]