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john-davisJohn Davis was a pioneer of vegetarianism on the internet from the first days of the world wide web in 1994. He maintained the first websites for VSUK, VIVA and EVU as well being involved with many others in the mid-90s, and he built the first IVU website in November 1995. In 2006, after many years of working for IVU, he was designated as IVU Manager. The last few years have seen some major reorganisations to enable IVU to maintain its leading role in world vegetarianism into the 21st century, including improvements in financial and business links. He is particularly proud to have had the opportunity to support the first vegetarian congresses ever to be held in Africa, thanks to funds raised by IVU. Throughout this time he has also been researching the history of IVU, partly for presentations at the centenary congress in 2008, along with general vegetarian history, all supported by members of the ivu-history email group. The results of this now run to about 10,000 historical files on the IVU website. In September 2010 he was coopted as a Trustee (member of the board of directors) of the Vegetarian Society UK, with a particular brief on history, international affairs and the internet. Over the years with IVU John has attended congresses and other events in many countries, including Australia, Brazil, California, China, Dubai (UAE), Germany, India, Italy, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand. He lives in rural England.


 Marly Winckler is a sociologist and translator. She is the translator of more than 60 books including Animal Liberation by Peter Singer and Becoming Vegetarian by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis. Vegetarian since 1983 she created “Sitio Vegetariano”– the first webpage on vegetarianism in Portuguese–and the first discussion lists on vegetarianism in Portuguese and Spanish: veg-brasil and veg-latina (now ivu-latina). Latin American and Caribbean Coordinator of the International Vegetarian Union from 2000 to 2013. President and founder of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society from 2003 to 2015, now Honorary President. IVU chair 2011-2014 / 2018 - She lives in Florianopolis, the beautiful Island which hosted the 36th IVU World Vegetarian Congress in 2004, organized by her.
Marly, at the World Vegetarian Congress in Brazil 2004 - in a kimono presented by a Japanese Delegate
Chair of the International Council 2011-2014 / 2018-
IVU Regional Secretary for Latin America, 2000-2011

Congress Organiser, Florianopolis, Brazil 2004


A scientist in constant mutation: evolutionary biologist, data analyst, epidemiologist, science editor, animal welfare researcher, and counting.

Beijing, China, 2021

Vegetarian Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Articles related to the history of vegetarianism and veganism

IVU Department of Medicine and Nutrition

The IVU Department of Medicine and Nutrition aims to:
  • Provide materials showing the nutritional viability of vegetarian and vegan diet for people of all ages, from infants, teens, adults and old people, supported by indexed scientific literature.

  • Promote medical and nutritional conducts compatible with the vegetarian choice (of any type), offering security to the health professional and the population as a whole.
dr eric slywitchDirector: Dr Eric Slywitch is a Medical Doctor, with a Master's and Doctorate in the area of nutrition, with the theme of metabolic evaluation of vegetarians and omnivores. He specializes in Nutrology, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition. He has a postgraduate degree in Endocrinology, Clinical Nutrition and Psychoanalysis. He is the author of 3 books on vegetarianism in Brazil and has published several chapters on vegetarianism in the main technical books of nutrition in Brazil. He teaches in 3 postgraduate courses addressing the theme of vegetarianism and has his own teaching center for metabolic and nutritional evaluation with emphasis on interpreting laboratory tests for physicians and nutritionists.



The IVU Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults was elaborated with the aim of serving as a comprehensive and free support material for health professionals worldwide, in its scientific version, and for the general population, in its version for lay people. It addresses the nutritional care we should have when adopting a strict vegetarian (vegan) diet safely, based on more than 700 studies indexed in the international scientific literature. It contains a Nutritional Table of each key nutrient in the diet, presenting the richest foods of each food group.

It addresses the bioavailability, physiology and biochemistry of these nutrients in the context of vegetarianism, besides showing what is in studies about them in the context of this food approach.

It also discusses supplementation and care in laboratory nutritional assessment. At its end it has more than 30 different menus, calculated according to its nutritional value (to demonstrate the safety of the diet), covering eating habits of the main continents.

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The partner will work to make the Guide visible and to be adopted by the organs and entities; will help with correspondence to be sent and by monitoring the feedback of those interested in adopting the Guide. He will post the materials generated for the dissemination and implementation of the Guide and look for forms of funding to the Project.


The Representative for LATIN AMERICA is Vegetarianos Hoy who will work with Spanish version of the Guide, helping it to be visible and adopted by organs and entities (Universities, class organs and health professionals as a whole). The Spanish version of the Guide was made by Vegetarianos Hoy.

Vegan Nutrition Articles: