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India and South Asia

India International Vegan Festival

September 27-29, 2013

E-INN Vegetarian Hotel -
Bangalore, IndiaWe make Business A Healthy Affair - IVU Supporter

happycowHappyCow Asia - Veg Restaurants & Health Food Stores - IVU Supporter

Some IVU friends in South Asia / India:

Animal Day and Vegetarian Week, PAKISTAN - October 2012, photos on IVU Facebook

Veg*ism in India - by the IVU Manager (2012)

Indian Vegan Society 7th Anniversary eventKarnataka, January 2012, photos on IVU Facebookivs2012

To Nairobi and Dubai - IVU Manager's blog, November 2010

IVU and the Venerable History of Vegetarianism -
Video interviews with IVU Manager, recorded in Dubai, December 2010

India & SW Asia Veg Congress, Bangalore, India - Oct/Nov 2010, photos on IVU Facebook

11th International Vegan Festival, India 2007

beach5t37th IVU World Veg Congress, Goa, India 2006

right: beach sunset at Goa

IVU Manager in Mumbai & Gujarat, 2004 Photos on IVU facebook

1st Asian Veg Congress, Goa, India 2001

Earlier Veg History:
History of India/South Asia Veg Societies
Asia and Pacific up to 1900 Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka
Ancient India and The East - (800 BCE - 232BCE) - Hinduism, Jainism, Zoroaster, Buddhism and more

  • C.K.Ashok Kumar

    Former IVU Representative: India/South Asia

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