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Main index to the IVU Online Library

  1. The Fable of the Bees (link to Google books) by Bernard de Mandeville (1670-1733), pub.1728
  2. The Seasons (link to Google books) by James Thomson, first published 1726-30, this edition London, 1793. Humanitarian poetry, particularly 'Spring'.
  3. Free Thoughts Upon the Brute-creation (link to Google books) By John Hildrop, London, 1742
  4. Disquisitions on Several Subjects (PDF 2mb) by Soame Jenyns (1704-1787), first pub. London 1782; this edition 1822. p.19: Disquisition II - On Cruely to Inferior Animals
  5. Observations on man, his frame, his duty, and his expectations Vol.2 (PDF 18mb) by David Hartley (1705-1757), first pub. 1749. This edition 1801. Much concerned with animals as food eg: 'With respect to animal diet, let it be considered, that taking away the lives of animals, in order to convert them into food, does great violence to the principles of benevolence and compasion.' p.222.
  6. A Dissertation on the Duty of Mercy and Sin of Cruelty to Brute Animals (PDF 9mb) By Humphrey Primatt, London 1776
  7. Letters from a citizen of the world to his friends in the East (PDF 17mb) by Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774), this edition 1840. 'I have seen the very men who thus boasted of their tenderness, at the same time devour the flesh of six different animals tossed up in a fricasee.' p.32.
  8. The Cry of Nature (html page) by John Oswald - full text from 1791.
  9. The Task (PDF 7mb) by William Cowper, first pub.1782; this edition London, 1817. Humanitarian poetry
  10. Studies of Nature Vol. IV (PDF 29mb) By Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, this edition London, 1809
  11. Paley's Moral and Political Philosophy (PDF 11mb) by William Paley (1743-1805) 1835 edition. p.65: questions the right to the flesh of animals
  12. An Introduction To The Principles Of Morals And Legislation (PDF 22mb) by Jeremy Bentham, first pub.1780. This edition 1907. p.311: The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?
  13. Schiller's "The song of the bell"; and other poems (PDF 3mb) Trans. Thomas C. Zimmerman, pub. Pennsylvania, 1896 - see Der Alpenjäger (The Hunter of the Alps) in both German and English,
  14. Animals' Rights, Considered in Relation to Social Progress (plain text 282k) by Henry Salt, London, 1894
  15. Every living creature; or, Heart-training through the animal world (PDF 3mb) by Ralph Waldo Trine, 1899
  16. The Vivisection Question (PDF 11mb) articles from 1880 to 1900 compiled by Albert Leffingwell M.D, 1901
  17. The Universal Kinship (PDF 8mb) by J. Howard Moore (1862-1916), pub. Chicago, 1906. "kinship of all the inhabitants of the planet Earth"