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Vegetarian Football in Northern Uganda
& Southern Sudan
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Northern Uganda



Vegetarian foundation started in 2001 we where getting support from Spain though Rogers manual. If used to help us orphans itshowed us good spirit of vegetarian how to help poor people like people who have lased there parents though wars. He contributed by buying land and even min. busses all to help poor people .j was among the people they have been helping in vegetarians.

l was playing football in vegetarian and pick an interest and got a chance to travel out side countries. l was playing professional football the little money l had got l came back to Uganda l opened my branch at vegetarian in northern Uganda because l had the chance for helping our people. On my heart l feel that vegetarian would be good to help all the orphans in northern Uganda. These are the people who are lacking parents while other some parts of their bodies were cut off.

The agenda of vegetarians asking more help from people like in Spain, Germany , Usa , Argentina, Brazil, Indian, South Africa and many more countries and asking help lf all these can help the foundation of vegetarian in Northern Uganda .when we find support we shall be able to send the books

This is due not only supporting orphans and the club but also building Uganda football.

Southern Sudan

This foundation started in 2003 when l was playing outside my country. l was making some little money which l came back with to help the poor people like those who had lost their parents in whole this civil war. l have tried to buy for them land to help the poor so that they can build up their homes.
so l have enough chance to put more interest of playing football as a proffessional.
As pernow l have opened up a vegetarian academic football club in yei-southern sudan.
Now in my heart l fill that vegetarian will be good to help the orphans in southern sudan and those who a talent to us but not having support for them to promotion their talent.
These are the people who lacking the parents and others lost some parts of their bodies during the war.
The agenda of this foundation is asking for help from the people around the world under vegetarian groups. We hope also to publish this foundation in all Africa and in the world.
please we need you all to come and join us here as we enlarge this foundations hence accomplishings it goals.
some of our major goals are as follows:
- building a primary, senior secondary school
-building a university; -church/mosque; -hospital
-Football stadium; -foundation home offices and orphanage home
more information will be sent in case need arises.
hope to help from you please.
kau marier

for further details contact IVU


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