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My name is Erick. I am the president of vegan students Association of Togo. I would like to send to everyone a full report of our recent activities. March 20th was the International “Meat Out” day and March 22th-28th was the cultural week that is organized annually at the University of Lome, Togo.

On the International “Meat Out” day we went out to tell our fellow students that we are in the golden age already because we have the choice to become what we want. We could choose to stop eating animal flesh. Some students cannot digest meat, some are very often constipated, and some have sick parents at home and mostly sick of diabetes. All we the youth in Africa need to know is how to build our health because we are the elite of the days to come. Only healthy elite can really be useful to Africa.

All we did on March 20th was to cook soya kebab and have all the students taste it. We told them that they could choose to live a healthy lifestyle. We started walking round the University from 9 am and finished by 4 pm. All the students and even some University authorities who tried the kebab said it was fantastic to have such alternative food. To used to spread the message about vegetarianism through presentations at the university. And we think by having more presentations about the benefits of a vegan diet, many people will go vegan. Many students asked us to teach them how to cook vegan Food.

But during the Cultural Week, March 22th-28th, we had seven good days of evangelizing everyone about the benefits of a vegan diet given the fact that sickness is man’s enemy on earth. We organized cooking shows teaching students how to cook veggie soup as you will see it in the attached pictures. We showed them chunks and gluten from wheat flour and chunks from soya and how to cook that vegan meat. Soy milk, vegetarian seasoning, dried mushrooms, black mushrooms where among many vegan products we displayed. Kebab from soya and gluten was made hot on the spot before students and they like it very much. We also taught them how to make vegan mayonnaise (by using a cooked potato, soy milk, mashed garlic, some oil and salt). Next to our stand was a lady selling meat kebab. The second day she stopped cooking her kebab and abandoned her business because she saw how people from all races were flushing to our stand for either getting the kebab, chunks or any vegan product of their choice or having information about veganism (how to begin, where to buy vegan products regularly, how to cook them, what is the relationship between vegetarianism and climate change and what we humans should do to curb the ills of Global Warming.

We got our financial aid from a student and former president of vegan students association who went to china for his Doctorate studies. We respect the IVU a lot because we got inspiration from the IVU when we were at the congress in Ghana. We want to work harder but we are students and most of the time we lack financial support. We know a lot of hard times but we will never stop. We will fight as hard as we can.

Now our activities consist of doing presentations on vegetarianism twice a month on at the University. In April 10th and 24th, we presented respectively on vegetarian Food for better eyes and Food for a genius brain. On May 8th we presented on The Truth about meat. On May 22nd I will give a lecture about Vegetarian Food for a healthy Heart.

Very soon, in June 2010 we going to go 3 or 4 times on a national TV and talk of why people should go vegan and give all the reasons that people need to know and answer questions that people would ask. We are preparing for that.

 Be veg, Go green and Save the planet.

Best regards,
Erick (Yeleneke Mokafo-Brhom)
Vegan Students Association of Togo (Association des Etudiants Vegetaliens du Togo, AEV-Togo).