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  • Ek is 'n vegetariŽr - I am a vegetarian
  • Ek eet nie vleis, hoender of vis nie - I don't eat meat, poultry or fish
  • Ek hou nie van vleis nie - I don't like meat
  • Ek eet nie eiers of melk nie - I don't eat milk and eggs
  • Het julle enige vegetariese geregte? - Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
  • Ek is lief vir diere, daarom eet ek hulle nie - I love animals, so I don't eat them

Amharic (Ethiopia)

  • Sega albellam - I don't eat meat


  • Ana Nabatee - I am vegetarian [male]
  • Ana Nabateeya - I am vegetarian [female]
  • Mish Akool Lahma walla Ferekh khalis - I don't eat meat or chicken at all
  • Ana nbattee. Ana laa akul lohhoom. - I am vegetarian. I don't eat any meat.

Malagasy (language of Madagascar)

  • Izaho tsy mihinan-kena - I don't eat meat

Swahili (East Africa)

More precisely: Kiswahili, the language of the Swahili
  • Mimi sili nyama walla kuku - I eat neither meat nor chicken
  • Mimi sili nyama - I don't eat meat
  • Mimi sili mayai - I don't eat eggs
  • Mimi sili nguruwe - I don't eat pork
  • Ng'ombe - beef/cow; Maziwa - milk; Samaki fish

Tigrigna (Eritrea)

  • Ane siga aybel'en eye. - I don't eat meat
  • Ane hamli tiray ybel'e. - I eat only vegetable
  • Ane wala derho aybel'en eye. - I don't even eat chicken.
  • Ane sebeyti eye. - I am a woman ; ane seb'ay eye. - I am a man.
  • Siga - meat ; Hamli - vegetable ; Bani - bread
  • Ane - I
  • Nsikha - you (male) ; Nsikatkum - you (plural male)
  • Nsikhi - you (female) ; Nsikatkn - you (plural female)
  • Nsu - he ; Nsa - she ; Nhna - we
  • Nsatom - they (male) ; Nsaten - they (female)

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