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IVU Regional Coordinator for Africa, Emmanuel Eyoh sent the following report (Emmanuel is in the pink shirt in the photo, and on the left is Satwinder Singh Sian, chairman of the Vegetarian Society of Kenya).

We held the East and Central Africa Vegetarian congress in Nairobi Kenya Dec 17-18, 2010. It was the 3rd vegetarian congress in Africa and the 1st outside West Africa. As most people know I believe very much in grassroots vegetarianism - taking vegetarian issues to people. That is why vegetarian Congresses in Africa always consist of a Walk, Food Distribution & the Congress proper.  

We attached much importance to the Nairobi congress as we hope to hold the first-ever African World Vegetarian Congress in Nairobi come 2014. The 2010 regional congress turned out to be a rather successful congress. We saw the full participation of the well known Kenyan female politician, activist and presidential hopeful Dr Julia Ojumba in the congress and feeding events. We also had much more press coverage than the previous congresses in Nigeria and Ghana, and we were very encouraged by the successes of the IVU Africa charity feeding initiatives. Last but not least, we were delighted that John Davis, the IVU Manager was part of the pre-congress programme.

During the charity programme, we were able to feed several hundred needy persons with vegan food. It re-enforces my belief that the solution to hunger and malnutrition in Africa is moving far away from meat centred diets and towards plant–centred diets. The charity programme involved partnerships with other organizations, including Rotary International, Food for Life Global and other organizations in Kenya to serve vegan food to needy persons.

The Vegetarian Society of Kenya will continue with the fodd distribution program. The IVU Africa Fund supports the program and congresses in Africa. We request everyone to contribute to the IVU Africa Fund, and come 2014, we hope to have a great and successful World Vegetarian Congress in Africa.
Finally, IVU Africa wishes to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the individuals and organizations that supported the Kenya congress and the IVU Africa fodd distribution program in one form or other: IVU International Council, for their support and encouragement; John Davis the IVU Manager for joining us for the 1st time in Africa and being instrumental in raising funds for IVU Africa programs; FARM [USA] for funding support via its Sabina Fund; Hare Krishna’s Food For Life Global; the Brahma Kumaris Organisation; Hare Krishna Temple, Nairobi; the Ananda Marga organization; the president, secretary and members of the Vegetarian Society of Kenya; and all the donors to the IVU Africa Fund and all our well-wishers. 

We look forward to your support and participation at the South Africa Vegetarian Congress in South Africa in 2011!

Emmanuel Eyoh
IVU Africa Coordinator

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IVU Coordinator for Africa
Emmanuel Eyoh
Lagos, Nigeria

IVU has a separate fund for promoting vegetarianism and veganism in Africa.
Please . . . donate to the IVU Africa fund by credit card

IVU Members that are making a difference in Africa

Sabina Fund
- awards small grants to grassroots groups

Food for Life Global
- uniting the world through food

Help International Plant Protein Organisation
- helps poor communities to produce their own food


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Sponsors supporting the 1st East & Central African Veg Congress:

Kingston & Richmond Vegetarians UK

MuLondon - Natural Organic Skincare UK

Sabina Fund (USA)

Vegan Outreach USA

- and individual sponsors in Germany, Singapore, Spain, UK, USA.

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