The Reference Library is located at the premises of Assase Pa. Ghana's original vegetarian restaurant. The compound is a welcoming green oasis in the midst of central Accra. The Reference Library building has been beautifully renovated to help make it an attractive centre of learning and activism. 

Within the compound at the Library premises – a green oasis in central Accra

To ensure we can provide visitors with the best possible information, we appeal to you and your spiritual organisation for assistance as follows:

  • back and current issues of your journal or magazine, brochures, pamphlets, posters, stickers, etc.,
  • books on diet, health and related social and ecological issues,
  • VCD, DVDs, or other audio-visual presentations,
  • computer or networking equipment – for office use and internet access,
  • audio-visual equipment such as DVD player, TV, LCD projector, etc.
  • other forms of assistance you consider valuable

Library building front entrance - - - Newly made furnishings

On 2nd July, 2007 VAG conducted the first Vegetarian Food Fair in Ghana. Over 500 people attended.  They greatly appreciated presentations by respected doctors who themselves follow mainly a vegan diet, as well as a variety of tasty dishes prepared by at least a dozen different vegetarian and spiritual organisations.  The Honourable Minister of Health sent his representative who delivered an insightful speech.  We are fortunate to have a truly progressive minded Minister who advocates natural health care, nutrition and specifically a plant-based diet.  The program was highlighted on major TV and radio stations.  

In August, 2007 the Ministry of Health organised Ghana o;s first “Fit for Life” Health Fair.  This was a major event with mass promotion. At least 40,000 people attended.  VAG was granted a free stall for the entire period.  A display was mounted, printed information was distributed, video programs were shown at our stall throughout the day.  Our presence was greatly appreciated.
Each such program furthers our purpose to educate more people about the many benefits of eating a plant-based diet.

Central table - - - Ceiling design

Ceiling - - - Books & TV

Mary Small and the entrance

Wall hangings and Nathan Small