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The 45th IVU World Vegfest 2017

by 宋明佳,Rita Sung, volunteer of the IVVU

The 45th IVU World Vegfest 2017 was held from November, 18 to 20, 2017 at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan was deeply honored to be the designated country for the 45th IVU World Vegfest 2017. The International Vegan Volunteer Union (IVVU) was honored to be invited as an organizer. For 109 years, the IVU World Congress and Vegfest has provided a communication platform to promote veganism worldwide. This year the IVVU hosted a three-day World Vegfest conference including a food festival, workshops, lectures, and performances. It is important to learn how a plant-based diet affects our daily lives. The future for humans and the Earth depends on people’s willingness and determination to choose a responsible diet and lifestyle to coexist with our mother earth. On November 18th, the topic in the morning was about Veganism & Educationfollowed by Veganism & Nutrition in the afternoon. On November 19th, the topic in the morning was Veganism & the Animal Rights Movement, followed by Veganism & the Food Industry in the afternoon. On the very last day, Nov, 20th, the topic in the morning was Veganism & Activism, followed by Vegan Diet and Cuisine in the afternoon. We were grateful to have industrial experts, professionals and speakers participating in this year’s World Vegfest. More than 25 organizations in more than 10 countries, including Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, the United States, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, joined the event this year. Their insightful sharing created a spark in every participant, which will cause our green power to grow and continue to persevere.


The opening ceremony was initiated by the former vice president of Taiwan: Wu Den-yih (吳敦義), who delivered his welcome speech. He was followed by the Chairman of the forum: Dr. Karunas Zhu (朱建華), President of the International Vegan Volunteer Union, President of the IVU: Dr. Susianto, Vice President of the IVU: Marly Winckler, diplomatic ambassador: Qiu Zhongren (邱仲仁), I-Kuain Tao Secretary General: Xie Yuanzhi (謝遠智), CEO of the Tzu Chi Foundation:  Lin Junlong (林俊龍), Chairman of Royal Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant: Anthony Liu(劉楚明), Master Vegan Chef: Hong Yinlong (洪銀龍), and Chairperson of the Taiwan Vegetarian Promotion Association: Xie Zhengfeng (謝政峰),  giving their blessings to the success of the world Vegfest. The opening ceremony was officially begun by the rhythmic Ami aboriginal dancers, followed by a chief of the Ami tribe offering a toast ceremony for Dr. Karunas Zhu and Dr. Susianto Tseng to drink with one ceremonial cup representing their one heart.


The first speech was given by Dr. Susianto Tseng, President of the IVU, updating on the IVU, APVU, SEAVU, IVS, and VSI, representing important vegetarian and vegan organizations in the world. The next distinguished speaker, Marly Winckler, Vice President of the IVU, a famous Brazilian social activist, is an inspiration to and proponent of the public’s environmental awareness. Shgave a speech on the topic of Amazon Rainforest Destruction and Cattle Rearing. Dr. Shi Chunzhao (施春兆), a professor and the principal’s secretary from the Chong-De School, talked about Holistic Vegetarian Education Approaches to Tao Society. Tobias Leenaert, from Belgium, mentioned sympathy and compassion as the key ingredients for How to Create a Vegan World, which was the topic of his speech and name of his new book. Lastly, Dr. Karunas Zhu(朱建華), Gao Xiuzhong (高秀忠),CEO of the IVVU, sincerely appreciated the IVVU volunteers, who were the unsung heroes behind the scenes, working concentrically to achieve this world Vegfest together.


On November 18th, the topic in the afternoon focused mainly on Veganism & Nutrition. The first speech was presented by Paula Gandin, President of the Brazilian Institute of Functional Nutrition (IBNF), a quintessentially beautiful vegan nutritionist, talking about the influence of a plant-based diet on human health. Roeddy Kasim from Indonesia, introduced a topic about MOU between the Ministry of Health and IVS about Enhancing the Public Health. Next, two well-known doctors in Taiwan: Dr. Chen Jianzhong (陳建仲), the Director of Chinese Medicine of Taichung branch Tzu Chi Hospital, who talked about Vegetarianism with Chinese Medicine`s Diet. Dr. Chen Wei-Hwa (陳惟華), founder of the Keelung Branch of the Tri-Service General Hospital, Taipei, gave a speech about Sustainable Food. They shared their experiments over the past few years on how vegetarian diets and lifestyle have benefited people’s minds, spirits and bodies. Dr. Yu Li from China gave a talk regarding promoting veganism in all forms and dimensions all around the world. Wong Kai Jun from Singapore, with his demonstration of Dragonflag, which was made famous by Bruce Lee, shared his vegan journey: The Power Within. Wong Kai Jun ended his speech by standing upside down silently, but stood up emphatically for veganism. The first day event was wrapped up with a 10 year-old vegan girl, Xiao Tian Tian, the daughter of one of the top 10 famous vegetarians in Asia, Li Dan. They both talked about the reasons for living vegan, from an individual choice to the change of their family and their community.


On November 19th, the topic in the morning was mainly about Veganism & the Animal Rights Movement. With rhythm filling the air, the 1st Mr/Ms Vegan Taiwan Award’s Ceremony made its announcement, with the young adult animal rights groups vibrantly presenting the beauty and athletics of the first Mr. and Ms. Vegan Taiwan. The Award’s Ceremony was the climax of the second day of the event. The first speaker, Carlos Naconecy, PhD, a Brazilian animal ethics philosopher and independent author, gave a speech on the topic of Animal Ethics. Next, the program coordinator of animal rights, Jessi Zhang (張家珮), called for her animal warriors to present the speeches. The founder of faith for animals, Dr. Kuo Xuan (郭璇), addressed the “unavoidable evil” from an activist vet’s point of view on experimental and farm animal issues. Bagels workshop lecturer, Tai Yu-Sheng (戴宇陞), explained how simple love of animals can enrich oneself and continued with his 21-Day health challenge! Next, the founder of the most powerful grass-root vegan activists group--Vegan30, Mr. Wu Zhi Hui (吳智輝), introduced his street animal-rights activists, who perform no matter storm or blazing sun. The founder of the Universities and Colleges Vegan Association (UCVA), Joseph Liu (柳濟琛), spoke about the rising of the UCVA, and GoVegan: Bai and Tree(白龍+小樹)’s films to promote veganism. Together they demonstrated why we couldn’t care more for animal rights, environmental protection and healthy diets. Their love of animals becomes an immense, overpowering force, which can break through all barriers.


On November 19th, the topic in the afternoon, was about Veganism & the Food Industry. The first speaker, Stephan Sauerburger from the United States, introduced his computer game regarding animals and the environment called "Escape", which launched a vegan adventure for the second half of the event. Next, the CEO of ProVeg International, Sebastian Joy and Co-founder of the Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy, Tobias Leenaert, conducted a workshop on the topic of How to Create a Global Vegan Movement, encouraging all audience members to be active and flexible vegans. Next up was Frankie Yu (余千翔) from Singapore, Vice Chairman of South East Asia Vegetarian Union (SEAVU), spoke about the rising of the SEAVU. Chairman Ye Ming Sheng (葉明昇), founder of Cornfield represented his biodegradable utensil and energy-saving alternative products. Many distinguished speakers were invited by the program coordinator of the food industry, Xie Zhengfeng (謝政峰), Chairperson of the Taiwan Vegetarian Promotion Association, to share their experiences in vegan food innovations and industries, Chairman of the Taiwan Vegetarian Promotion Association. First, Lu Shaozhu (呂紹鐘), general manager of Vegetarian-Forever Health Food Co, LTD., introduced the topic of manufacturing vegan balls and the examination of vegan and non-vegan ingredients. Wu Chengren (吳誠仁), CEO of Chaste JeWey Industrial Co., LTD, addressed how vegetarian products containing no animal ingredients, onions, garlic, leeks or preservatives have been developed and examined in their factory. Zeng Xin Mei (曾心梅), general manager of Fa Zhi Wei (法之味) spoke about her altruistic desire to work for Fa Zhi Wei Homemade Food Store. It was our great honor to invite all these speakers from Taiwan and abroad to enrich the event with their incredible industrial experience.


November 20th (am) Promoting Veganism & Activism:On November 20th, the topic in the morning was mainly about Promoting Veganism & Activism. Lin Junlong (林俊龍), CEO of the Tzu Chi Foundation, engaged the audience on healthy-lifestyles with aspects of healthy food, mind and body. Qiu Zhongren (邱仲仁), is the first vegan ambassador from the circle of Europe and Africa in Taiwan’s history. Ambassador Qiu has been a role model for promoting a vegan lifestyle in every social occasion. Next, Master Shi Yan Ding(釋嚴定法師) interpreted the power of a positive diet in complex and diverse ways that reflect people’s health condition. Lien Wen-Fa (連文發), Director–Chung En Culture and Education Foundation, gave a complete comparison and connection between the ancient merciful mission of Maitreya Buddha to a new era in vegetarian diets. Finally, the CEO of the ProVeg International: Sebastian Joy, whose talk implemented a tremendous motivation to help the audience approaching why and how to effectively promote vegetarian within themselves.

On November 20th, the topic in the afternoon focused on Veganism & Vegan Cuisine. The IVU World Vegfest 2017 was relocated to an outdoor courtyard surrounded with natural wonders at the Tiger Mountain in Taipei. Celebrating the last day of the vegfest, speakers, audience and volunteers were rejoiced in an open-air conference and engaged with all five of their senses. With delicate food carvings on a watermelon by Fa-Hua Vegetarian Restaurant, everyone enjoyed rich aroma and the excellent taste of Taiwanese vegan food from Green Sprout Vegan Cuisine, Fa-Hua Vegetarian Restaurant, and preparations by many exquisite chefs from Taiwan. The first speaker Alex Fernandes from Brazil, the founder of Guia Vegano, allured listeners’ taste buds by talking about his topic: The Vegan Cheese Revolution. Next, the top vegetarian master chef: Hong Yinlong (洪銀龍), who has dedicated himself to promote vegetarianism for more than 50 years, shared his philosophical and technical vegan food and culinary skills. Next, Jhonson Susanto from the Indonesia Vegetarian Society, shared his experience with public creative event and promotion. Daisy Lee from Malaysia, founder of VivaVegan LLP and a community health educator introduced her vegan food innovations over the past 10 years. Huang Yu Ling from Indonesia has been passionate about making Indonesian traditional food recipes to Vegan friendly. She demonstrated her unique tempeh cooking recipe for everybody. Tobias Leenaert, Co-founder and Co-director of Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy, spoke about Making Compassion Easier. Masahiro Tsukada (塚田真弘), President of Japan Health And Vegetable Academy Association, talked about how they have been proposing to increase the flavor and healthiness of their vegetarian cuisine.

With a softly whispering breeze, the Tiger Mountain was embraced with vegan aromas and ethereal hues of tranquility. Together all speakers, delegates and listeners, sent our petition to the celestial court of heaven and humbly prayed for the peace of the world. For the sacrificial animals over the past thousand years, we offered our deepest condolences and gratitude to them. Only when paying back our debt to Mother Earth, which has been silently tolerated and nurtured us, will we be able to reach our full contentment. In the name of love for the Earth, together volunteers, guardians, the IVU and the IVVU marshaled the green power forces from all over the world to promote veganism to protect our beloved Mother Earth.

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2017世界素食年會於11月18~20日在臺灣大學應力館隆重舉行。臺灣深感榮幸能成為IVU第45屆「2017國際素食年會」指定國,國際素食志願者聯盟(IVVU) 與臺灣素藝學院受邀為本次主辦單位。

IVU(International Vegetarian Union) 國際素食聯盟「IVU世界素食大會」109年來,致力於提供全球一個推廣素食綠生活的國際交流舞台。本年度由創立於台灣的國際素食志願者聯盟(IVVU)主辦為期三天的「國際素食年會」,內容包括:素食饗宴 、工作坊、演講、各項表演。以純素主義 (veganism)為宗旨,引領大眾認識植物性飲食與我們每一個人生活是如何息息相關,與大地之母共生共存。       


開幕式開幕式由大會由前副總統吳敦義開始致詞,接著為大會主席朱建華博士、世界素食聯盟主席Dr. Susianto、世界素食聯盟副主席Marly Winkler、邱仲仁 外交大使、謝遠智 中華民國一貫道總會秘書長、林俊龍 慈濟基金會總執行長、劉楚明 蓮香齋素食餐廳董事長、法華餐廳洪銀龍、台灣素食推廣協會長謝政峰等嘉賓,分別上台給與論壇祝福與鼓勵。伴隨著富有節奏的原住民舞蹈,主席朱建華博士(國際素食志願者理事長、臺灣素藝學院院長)和世界素食聯盟主席Dr. Susianto在阿美族頭目的祈福共飲儀式中2017國際素食年會開幕式正式開始。


第一位受邀上台的講者,世界素食聯盟主席,為大家介紹世界素食組織(the IVU, APVU, SEAVU, IVS, and VSI)最新發展現況。下一位則是受景仰的世界素食聯盟副主席Marly Winckler,為巴西知名社會運動者引領大眾對環境意識的先鋒,演講主題為: 亞馬遜雨林破壞與牛隻飼養。崇德學院施春兆為大家介紹全人化素食教育養成。比利時的Tobias Leenaert講者,以他的新書“如何創造全素世界”(How to Create a Vegan World)為講題為大家闡述純素新生活。最後由國際素食志願者理事長朱建華博士、執行長高秀忠,以至誠與感恩,感謝所有幕前幕後共同成就這場國際素食年會的每一位好夥伴。


18日下午為大家開場講者,是以自身的美麗動人為見證的巴西知名植物營養學講師,巴西功能營養學會(IBNF)主席,談到植物性飲食對人體健康的正量影響。接著是來自印尼的Roeddy Kasim曾國徫,為各位介紹IVS與印尼衛生署合作之成功案例。來自台中慈濟醫院中醫部主任陳建仲博士,和三軍總醫院基隆分院首任院長: 陳惟華醫生,分享他們多年來如何以素飲食、素生活,為大眾改善身心的靈丹妙藥。來自中國的余力博士將近期世界各國蔬素食推廣,提供了全方位介紹。接著新加坡的Wong Kai Jun現場親身示範,純素帶給他由內而外的力量,頭頂地腳踩青天、以飛龍在天之姿為素立言立行。最後由來自中國亞洲十大素食名人李丹及10歲女兒肖恬恬,以素心感動全家及社群的經歷,讓大會第一天甜美收場!


第二天19號早場,主題素食與動物權。一場別開生面的「第一屆台灣純素先生小姐頒獎典禮」結合素食與藝術、動感與時尚,閃亮登場的台灣新一代年輕動保素食團體,為大會灑下精彩亮點!為大會開場的是巴西動物保學者及作家Carlos Naconecy,談論動物倫理與道德。接著在總召集人張家珮號召下,台灣動保界的素食獸醫師: 郭璇,以動保界獸醫師角度看待實驗與農場動物議題、培果工作室講師:戴宇陞,為大家帶來愛動物更要愛自己—挑戰健康21天! 無論刮風下雨永遠在第一線為動物請命的:動物權推廣草根組織--純素30天召集人吳智輝。中國高校素食聯盟主席柳濟琛,探討素盟崛起。夠維根白龍+小樹以動畫、影片宣導動權、環保、飲食健康,以一股勢不可擋的力量為護生、善念、動保、環保,齊聲吶喊,響徹雲霄!


第二天19號下午場主題素食與產業,為大會開場的為來自美國的史岱峰 Stephan Sauerburger介紹他為動物、環保設計的一套電腦遊戲“逃亡”,為大會展開一場素食冒險之旅。接下來為歐洲素食界傳奇Sebastian Joy,ProVeg International首席執行長和比利時講者Tobias Leenaert,以啟動素食浪潮為題,為大會活動掀起一陣素浪波瀾。新加坡的東南亞素食聯盟副主席余千翔,闡述東南亞素食聯盟的崛起。玉米田創辦人葉明昇董事長介紹給大家的環保材料及節約能源替代產品。素食產業總召集人:台灣素食推廣協會謝政峰理事長引領下,大會很榮幸的邀請到永祿豐食品呂紹鐘總經理,為大家介紹素食加工製品丸子類的生產製造與葷素檢測。齋滋味實業有限公司吳誠仁總經理,為觀眾講解保證不添加含動物性成分、蔥、蒜、韭及防腐劑的至純植物性產品。法之味經理曾心梅,以慈心利他經營~法之味手作食坊。國內外知名講師輪番上陣,道出國內外素食產業的蓬勃與生機盎然!  


第三天20號早場主題為素食與推廣。慈濟基金會林俊龍執行長以素食、健康、地球、心靈為體認,大會揭開一場身心靈饗宴。邱仲仁大使為台灣史上歐非外交圈裡第一位「茹素大使」,及來自養清廚房的釋嚴定法師談到正念飲食。崇恩文教基金會連文發經理闡述論證,如何以彌勒慈悲本懷結合當代蔬食新浪潮! 最後由來自歐洲素食界傳奇人物Sebastian Joy,ProVeg International首席執行長,鼓舞勉勵現場聽眾如何從自身有效推廣環保素食新生活。


第三天20號下午場主題素食美食,2017素食年會移駕到台北虎山微遠基金會,以素食廚藝露天講座及台灣素食小吃慶祝晚宴,將2017素食年會引領致色香味俱全的全方位五感體驗,感動登場!迎接貴賓的是法華餐廳精雕細琢的果雕、綠苗素食饗宴、及各式臺灣料理精湛手藝! 第一位登場為巴西講者Alex Fernandes,Guia Vegano創辦人,以「純素起司革命」挑動在場所有來賓的味蕾!臺灣素食界貢獻了50年歲月的洪銀龍廚神,現場傳授他一身好廚藝。代表印度尼西亞素食協會的Jhonson Susanto,分享他們在公共創意領域和推廣活動豐富的經驗。馬來西亞的Daisy Lee, VivaVegan 創辦人,亦是社區健康教育講者,介紹過去10年間自己的純素創新食品。來自印尼的Huang Yu Ling,一直熱衷於將印尼傳統美食轉變為素食佳餚,她以獨特的天貝料理為大家在現場做廚藝示範。比利時講者Tobias Leenaert闡述「慈悲其實很簡單」。最後由日本素食健康協會:塚田真弘會長,為大家介紹如何創造兼具美味又健康的日本素食。




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