List of IVU Patrons

  1. Andrew Freeman , Australia
  2. Arun Kumaravel
  3. Bajaj Madan Mohan, Prof. Dr
  4. Balaji B.G.
  5. Carolyn Hunt
  6. Christina Gore
  7. Claus Leitzmann
  8. Christopher Fettes, Ireland, Fellow of IVU and of World Esperanto Association.
  9. Cynthia Richardson
  10. Dady C. Dady, Diana Ratnagar
  11. David Litvak
  12. Dawn Moncrief
  13. Dennis Bayomi
  14. Dr.B.Venkatarama Udupa
  15. Duncan Myers
  16. Emanuel Goldman, Greater New York City area, USA. "The Vegetarian Cinophile" (columns on selected films from a vegetarian perspective). Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at New Jersey Medical School. Vegetarian since 1964, vegan since 1992.
  17. EVEN - Eugene Veg Education Network
  18. Frank P Graves
  19. George Jacobs
  20. Gianbattista Montagna
  21. Global Vegetarian Certification Services
  23. Hildegund Scholvien
  24. Hiren Kara
  25. Hiroko Tsuchiya
  26. Hoon Wai Thim
  27. Ivor Kemp
  28. J.Muraleemohan Lal
  29. Jamila (Tsai, Tsui-Yun)
  30. John Davis
  31. John Gibb
  32. Judy Waters
  33. Julianna Lipschutz
  34. Julius Babarinsa
  35. Katherine Baker
  36. Kay Bell
  37. Keith AkersColorado USA, former IVU council member
  38. Kishor Jethalal Joshi
  39. Koh Kok Keng
  40. Koichi Hashimoto, Japan, Japan Vegetarian Society.
  41. Krystyna Chomiczjung
  42. Lakshmi P. Iyer Dr.
  43. M.Nagabhushana blank
  44. Marly WincklerBrazil, former President Brazil Veg Society, Chair of the IVU Council
  45. Maynard Clark
  46. Michael Tucker
  47. Mitsuru Kakimoto
  48. Mona Amin
  49. Namita H. Kara
  50. P. M. Reddy
  51. Paresh Shah
  52. Patricia M Tricker
  53. Patricia Rathbone
  54. Paul Appleby
  55. Paul Turner (a.k.a. Priyavrata)
  56. Peter De Winter
  57. Phineas Leahey
  58. Photsawat Kosithanont
  59. Prof. Massimo Nespolo
  60. Prof. PK JainBotswana, Fellow of IVU
  61. Ralph Meyer
  62. Rao Bahadur Sheth Curumsey Damjee Arogya Bhuvan Trust, India, charity supporting the vegetarian cause and observing same on Sanatorium premises.
  63. Robert Fraser
  64. Ruth Heidrich Ph.D
  65. Saurabh Dalal , USA (Washington DC area), Councilor of IVU, President of Vegetarian Society of DC (, President of Vegetarian Union of North America (
  66. Shankar Narayan
  67. Singh Vijay Raj Dr.
  68. Tom Clother, UK Vegan for ethical reasons, lorry driver for monetary/aptitude reasons.
  69. Uppunda Venkataramana Bhat
  71. William Sribney
  72. Wong Oi Lee

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Frequently Asked

  • What is the IVU Certificate?

    The IVU Certificate is a PDF file that contains the name of the IVU Member and the dates which the certificate is valid. In case of Patron Membership a Lifetime Certificate will be provided.
  • Who can get it?

    All active IVU members, such as Individuals and Organizations.

  • How much it costs?

    The certificate is available for all memberships, starting from the basic 1 year membership that costs only U$ 20,00.
  • How it will be sent to me?

    The certificate will be sent by e-mail as an attachment.

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About IVU



IVU was founded in 1908 in Dresden, Germany. The idea came from the French Vegetarian Society, the first Congress was organised internationally by the British Society and locally by the Dresden Society with support from the Deutsche Vegetarier-Bund. Since then a series of World Veg Congresses have been held on most continents and, in 2008 IVU returned to Dresden for the Centenary 38th Congress. From 2012 this major global event has been renamed the 'IVU World Vegfest'.

For details of all the Congresses, and other international events which developed from them, see IVU 1908 to the present and beyond


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Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants all over the World

Vegan Restaurants all over the World


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New IVU Fellows

from IVU News Oct 2000

Fellows of the IVU are lifetime honorary supporters, elected for their exceptional and extended service to the IVU.

Election of 12 Fellows was made at the 34th World Vegetarian Congress in Toronto:

  • Jan Beeldman (South Africa)
  • Madge Darneille (Maryland. USA)
  • Brian Graff (New York. USA)
  • Brian Gunn-King (UK)
  • Marcel Hehhelinck (Belgium)
  • Alex Hershaft (Maryland. USA)
  • M. I. Khalik (Singapore)
  • Maxwell Lee (UK)
  • Howard Lyman (Virginia, USA)
  • Francisco Martin (Spain)
  • Surendra Mehta (India)
  • Rudolf Meyer (Germany)