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Blog of blogs - top 20 most popular

I’ve been posting these blogs for almost three years now, putting up one a week on all sorts of things. The stats show some getting ten times more hits than others – but of course that doesn’t tell me how many people actually read them all the way down, or whether they liked them.

The Facebook link in all the blogs (mainly from the originals on gives a different perspective as it shows how many found the blog interesting enough to just click 'like' or to share it with their friends. So I put together my own quirky way of combining those, to get a better idea of what others might want to read about in the future.

I know I have some regular readers, amongst those who read them now and then when the topic is of personal interest. So for anyone who is curious, this is my all time ‘top 20’ blogs, in order of my combined hits and 'likes/shares' count.

1 - Bronson Alcott - American pioneer vegan

2 - World Veganism - FREE e-book!

3  - Vegetarian equals vegan!
The first people who called themselves 'vegetarian' were in fact vegan. This has now been established conclusively with resources not previously available. (photo below: Alcott House, where the ‘vegetarians’ began)

4 - Veg*ism in China

5 - Gandhi - and the launching of veganism

6 - Veganism from 1806

7 - Henry David Thoreau and the Roots of Plantism

8 - Flexitarian and Plantatarian - 21st century dimensions
If I’m right then the number of consistent secular ovo- and/or lacto-vegetarians is not just reducing – more significantly they are getting older, and not being replaced. Which would inevitably mean it is only a matter of time before they die out.

9 - Dr. John Snow - a vegan of genius

10 - The Vegetus Myth

11 - Will there ever be more veg*ns?

12 - Were there Vegans in the Ancient World?

13 - The Invention of the Vegans
The word 'vegan' was invented in November 1944 by Donald Watson in England. But the origins are not how many vegans today might imagine.

14 - Medieval Mindsets - 'vegans' in the middle ages

15 - Vegans are Vegetarians too

16 - Veg*ism in Africa 

17 -  Are you a positive or a negative veg*n?
If we ask meat-eaters what they think 'vegetarian' means, most would probably say 'someone who does not eat meat' - but that is not at all how I see it (right: positive/negative images).

18 - Why some restaurants don't do vegan food - and why they should

19 - Divided by a common language

20 - Was Vitamin B12 a problem for 19th century 'vegans'?

Do feel free to keep sharing!

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