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How to get an website and email address for your local group

Getting online



  • Local Veg Group Websites - 1 - Before You Begin - why do you want a website for your local group?
  • IVU Logos - we ask all sites hosted by to add the IVU logo to your main index page stating that you are a member/internet partner of IVU, several options are available. There is also a screensaver which can display the IVU logos and those of several IVU members.
  • Clip Art - a useful index from (IVU Internet Partner).



Clever stuff

Search engine - a 'Simple Search' program that you can use on your own site, it only works in English (ascii) characters)

Auto 'Last Update' Stamp - automatically adds 'date last modified' to your page.

You can now buy all your software, and hardware, from - and IVU will get a percentage of anything you buy. Just click on the logo:


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