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Susianto Tseng -  Jakarta, Indonesia. IVU-Chair and Regional Representative for East and SE Asia (Asia Pacific)
It’s hard not to become vegetarian once you’ve met vegan expert Susianto.

First, the 43-year-old coordinator for the International Vegetarian Union in Asia Pacific will take you through mountains of scientific data from reputable institutions that shows vegetarianism is good for your health.

Second, having spent half his life as a vegetarian, Susianto is the living proof that eating plants and not meat does wonders to your body and appearance.

Indeed, when The Jakarta Post met Susianto recently, his skin was healthy and bright, and he looked younger than his age.

The man, who just received a doctorate from the University of Indonesia for his research on Tempeh, has been a vegetarian for 23 years. He stopped eating meat while he was studying for a bachelor degree in Yogyakarta, majoring in Chemistry at the University of Gadjah Mada.

“I became vegetarian in my second year of college. At that time, I had carried out some analysis on food and discovered many toxic substances in meat,” Susianto said.

Being a vegetarian can prolong your life, he went on.

DSC05194Marly Winckler – Brazil, nominated by the Brazilian Vegetarian Society - IVU Deputy Chair - Former IVU Chair from 2012-2014

I´m vegetarian since 1983 and vegan since 1995. I am dedicating most of my time to spread vegetarianism in a volunteer way for more than 3 decades now. I´m currently the president of Brazilian Vegetarian Society and chair of IVU since 2011. I served IVU as Latin America Regional Representative from 2000-2011.

I´d like to continue on the International Council of IVU to help consolidate the work in course of up-to-dating the old website, not only in form, but in content.

SFDalal-picSaurabh Dalal – USA, nominated by Vegetarian Society of DC - IVU Councillor

My passion is outreach, education, and greater advocacy of veganism and non-violence as compelling solutions to many global problems.  I live in the Washington DC area, maintain friendly and collaborative contact with many leaders in the vegetarian & animal rights movements, and enjoy interacting with activists and giving talks in the US & internationally.  IVU has tremendous opportunities for a world that desperately needs changes towards greater respect, responsibility, and sustainability.  We have greater potential today than ever before and we need people to come together to be a more impactful organization.  I want to help effect and shape the new possibilities.

I feel I am an experienced organizer and planner for non-profit veg and pro-animal groups, work very well with people to create inclusive, team environments, and possess strong communications skills.  My years working as a Program Manager will help greatly with more efficient IC planning with constraints of costs / resources and timeframes to optimize our performance on initiatives. 

Firstly, establish a clear plan/strategy for the IC to identify and execute major tasks deliberately and pro-actively; then further IVU's role of establishing / supporting vegetarian groups through information-sharing, best practices, and lessons-learned, especially in under-served parts of the world; position IVU to be a stronger and recognized voice on the international level; and welcome, encourage, energize, and recruit new volunteers.

george-jacobs4George Jacobs – Singapore, nominated by Singapore Vegetarian Society - IVU Online News Editor

I want to continue on IVU International Council to continue making the IVU World Vegfest into a truly international annual event. Also, I want to help with the transition process now that John Davis has stepped down after many years of doing excellent and far reaching work as IVU Manager.

As to my activities with IVU, I hope to continue to

1. edit IVU Online News, IVU’s e-newsletter
2. assist in the organizing of IVU World Vegfests
3. participate actively in the deliberations of IVU International Council
4. assist Dr Susianto in promoting vegetarianism in East and Southeast Asia.

I am vegan due to the hope that veganism brings in addressing many of the world’s pressing problems, and because I enjoy making, sharing and eating vegan food.

dave1gDavid Pye – United Kingdom – nominated by the Vegetarian Society UK Limited - IVU Treasurer

I joined the council of the International Vegetarian Union in 1999 and have had the honour of serving as treasurer. I am committed to the work of IVU and I was also responsible for registering IVU as a 'not for profit' UK company.

I have been a research scientist and I am an IT consultant with a Masters degree. I have set up several UK companies and taken two of them forward to become successful local charities with over 30 employees. These two charities specialise in energy efficiency and organic gardening.

I have been vegetarian for over 40 years. I believe it is the only way forward for the people of our planet, for the benefits of animals, the environment and the raising of people consciousness.

I am also a trustee and fellow of the UK Vegetarian Society and was chair of the charity for three years. I have spoken at international congresses on the environmental aspect of vegetarianism. The impact of meat production is massive and the environmental damage could be drastically reduced by people adopting a more vegetarian diet.

I want IVU to be the voice of international vegetarianism, to continue giving grants and support to fledgling vegetarian/vegan organisation and to maintain and grow our international website as a source of inspiration to all.

alex-fernandesAlex Fernandes - Brazil - IVU Webmaster

Alex is a vegetarian since 1995 and a vegan since 2004, he is the founder of Guia Vegano, one of the biggest web sites on veganism in Brazil and also a On-line Vegan Store. He have attended many IVU events since 2008, making presentations in Vegfest of Jakarta and Los Angeles. Together with the help of John Davis (from UK), George Jacobs (USA) and Jayachandran (from Singapore) they launched our new website For many years Alex was webmaster of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society - SVB, and now he is a technical consultant for it.

 ashokC.K.Ashok Kumar – India, nominated by Indian Vegan Society - IVU Representative: India/Soth Asia

I am a vegetarian for about 50 years but the goal is to be a vegan as being a vegan is the highest ideal of living for a human being. Being a part of IVU, I can reach out vegetarianism to more people. Hence, I would like to join IVU. I will be able to spend more than 10 hrs. per month for IVU work, it is the least As of now IVU is not there in India. Given an opportunity, I will revive IVU in India and strengthen globally by bringing in celebrities to join and participate in meetings and events and I will affiliate more bodies and persons as members. I will also organise meetings and events. . I have been conducting Vallar Satsang, a spiritual congregation, at my home with about 150 members attending every month. Many have turned vegetarians. I was a speaker during IVU World Vegfest in Malaysia in 2013. 

david romanDavid Román – Spain, nominated by Spanish Vegetarian Union - IVU Councillor

My name is David Roman. Vegetarian since 1989 and vegan since 1996, I am currently the president of the Spanish Vegetarian Union. I'm also the author of several books about vegan issues. Regarding IVU, since 1998 I've been a collaborator, both with the website and with the team of Spanish translators. I’ve been Deputy Webmaster for several years. I’ve been in IVU Council since 2004.

I would be proud to keep on contributing to the progress of vegetarianism, not only locally but also globally. I think that IVU Council can bring fresh ideas in order to give IVU an important role in spreading vegetarianism worldwide.

My skills include computer and internet knowledge, which I have already been contributing to IVU previously. Also my mother tongue can be of interest for interacting with the Spanish-speaking community.

I firmly believe in the advantages of vegetarianism for people, animals and the environment – so I do it in my personal life. After 25 years, I cannot imagine otherwise. And I want to show other people so that they can follow this choice too. Of course, being in IC means an active participation in its internal work.

emmanuel1Emmanuel Eyoh – Nigeria, nominated by the Nigeria Vegetarian Society - Regional Representative for Africa

I´m vegetarian and am involved in the vegetarian and animal welfare movement for over 20 years. I´m the founder & president of the Nigeria Vegetarian Society and currently the IVU Africa Regional Representative. I organized  the 1st  vegetarian conference in Africa  in Nigeria in 2007 and held since then several  successfully vegetarian congresses/festivals in Nigeria, Ghana,Togo, Kenya, Cameroon etc. These congresses will culminate in the 1st ever World vegetarian congress in Africa in October 2014.

I wish to continue serving the World vegetarian movement & the vegetarian movement in Africa. After the World Vegfest in Africa in  2014, I plan to hold several  vegetarian festivals  throughout Africa especially in regions where such festivals have never been held. In addition to the festivals more emphasis will be placed on workshops and training programmes for young vegetarians as I believe the youths are the future of the vegetarian movement.

I´m also the Africa Representative of Food For Life Global &  run a vegetarian charity project known as SEVAOUTREACH which serves free plant - based -foods for hungry and needy persons in Nigeria. I´m the Executive Director of the Nigeria SPCA& President of the West Africa Animal Welfare Networks.  I revived & renovated the Nigeria SPCA and began holding animal events such as Rabies Day, Spay Day, World Animals Day, streets dogs vaccination in Nigeria.

sundaraSundara de Silva - Mealbourne - Australia - IVU Regional Representative for Australasia and Oceania (Asia Pacific)



sandhyaSandhya Prakash - Dubai, UAE - IVU Regional Representative for South West Asia (Middle East)





franceso maurelliFrancesco Maurelli - Edinburgh, Scotland - EVU - IVU Regional Representative for Europe






manuelManuel Alfredo Marti - Buenos Aires - Argentina - IVU Regional Representative for Latin America

dilipDilip Barman - Noth Carolina - USA - IVU Regional Representative for North America

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